Caesar guns, Cheetah tanks … What weapons for Kyiv?

Support Ukraine in the face of the Russian invasion. Several countries are providing military assistance to Kyiv to help it defend itself against Moscow’s offensive. Western logistical support, which is being implemented at a time when Ukrainian forces are facing a slow advance of the Russian army in the Donbas and the south.

Followed by France, Britain, the United States and the Czech Republic, Thus, on Tuesday, April 26, Germany announced that it was going to allow the supply of armored vehicles Cheetah type. to Ukraine. Releasing equipment that requires months of training and providing logistical support, Paris, Washington, London and Prague have so far preferred equipment that requires limited logistical support.

In this, Czech Soviet tanks, very similar to those used in Ukraine, require only a few hours of training before the Ukrainian army can take over. Of to Caesar’s French guns, they are considered “easy to use”, – says Marc Chassillon, a French military engineer, a specialist in tanks and armored vehicles. “You can understand how they work in the morning.”

On the other hand, the situation is somewhat more complicated for German cheetahs, equipped with a “complex weapons system” and “very demanding”, which requires training for at least “several weeks”, the expert adds.

Javelin anti-tank missiles

In any case, this new equipment, sent to Kyiv, is in addition to Western military aid, which has already been deployed since the first weeks of the conflict. On Thursday, April 21, Joe Biden announced an additional $ 800 million for weapons: howitzers and their vehicles, 144,000 shells and 121 suicide drones Phoenix Ghost.

On April 13, the White House has already announced assistance, including armored vehicles, artillery and helicopters. Washington used to give or promise 1,400 Stinger anti-aircraft systems, 5,000 Javelin anti-tank missiles (capable of piercing the Russian T-90 tank and which has become a symbol of Ukrainian resistance), 7,000 units of anti-tank weapons of another model or even several hundred “suicide drones” Switchblade,

Turkish drones and French missiles

In addition, Ukraine, which said it had about 20 Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones before the Russian invasion, said in early March that it had received new ones ordered in late January 16, according to some experts. Kyiv claimed to have distracted the defense of the Russian cruiser Moscow, which was sunk last week in the Black Sea by TB2, while missiles hit it from the other side.

The United Kingdom, Canada, Spain and France also received military equipment for the Ukrainian army. Even if Paris remains reticent on the issue, Emmanuel Macron still clarified the nature of the aid on Friday, April 22: “significant equipment, from Milan to Caesar through several weapons.”

According to the French presidency, p Milan’s missiles “already given” and guns “Caesar”. 155 mm were to be delivered this week, as well as “thousands of shells”. Since Saturday, 40 Ukrainian soldiers have also been trained in dealing with Caesars in France.

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