can we build the Millennium Falcon?

The Millennium Falcon is one of the most iconic Star Wars spacecraft. Can we create such a device? Answer elements.

Millennium Falcon – Authors: Lucasfilm

Any Star Wars fan would definitely like to travel on the Millennium Falcon, a smuggled ship, dear Khan Solo and Chui. Is it possible to configure such a machine? Some features are still limited to science fiction. But in the future there may well be others. We explain to you.

Millennial falcon: wormholes

To quickly view the galaxy, Khan Solo without hesitation switches to the speed of light. He then activates the Millennium Falcon hyperdrive system, which allows him to swing into hyperspace. Can such technology exist in our reality? In Star Wars, the hyperdrive allows you to make your way through wormholes, space objects that connect two different areas of space-time. Enough to form real paths that offer a significant label for those who dare to go there.

However, wormholes remain theoretical in reality. Since we cannot prove their existence, it is impossible to manipulate them and thus create a hyperdrive system similar to the Falcon system. Especially since“A very exotic type of matter is needed to stabilize the wormhole, and it is not said that such matter exists in the universe.”emphasizes Stephen Hsu, a professor of theoretical physics, quoted by Live Science.

Millennium Falcon: load factor

There is another problem. According to Wired, passengers on board the Falcon experience a load factor of 12 grams when the ship is moving. Starting with 1 gram, the blood continues to irrigate our brain, but with increasing g it becomes more difficult.

In particular, the fighter pilot can withstand a load factor of about 10 g due to its antigel suit. She squeezes her legs to prevent blood stasis. Theoretically, people on board the Falcon would quickly lose consciousness without a tracksuit. And this is long before the ship moves into hyperspace, which should not look like the stars.

Millennium Falcon: Shields

Falcon is equipped with invisible deflectors that create a protective force field around the ship. It is enough to resist the attacks of the Empire. Is such technology possible in reality? In 2014, British students came up with an interesting theory: the use of plasma from the Earth’s ionosphere to create such a shield.

We are now reflecting communication signals from this plasma to redirect them to all corners of the globe. At the same time, the students claimed that manipulating the plasma would deflect electromagnetic radiation emanating, for example, from laser guns. However, such a shield is not yet possible, but such a concept seems to belong to the realm of the possible.

Millennium Falcon: Quadrasers

The Solo is equipped with quadruple laser guns that can be controlled as turrets. A terrible weapon that may prevail in the future in real life. In particular, the US Army’s Advanced Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has spent years developing weapons that closely resemble a Star Wars-style laser gun. This can equip the fighter and emit a beam of 150 kilowatts.

Moreover, researchers have suggested that a beam created from several small lasers could be used to traverse space debris around the Earth. Specifically, it will be about the evaporation of a thin layer of matter on the surface of this debris, which will deposit them down, where they will burn in the Earth’s atmosphere.

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