Canada: New Democrats join far-right Ukrainian nationalists in condemning Trudeau and sending Nord Stream turbines to Russia

The New Democratic Party (NDP) reacted to Ottawa’s decision to allow the return to Russia of turbines needed for the operation of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, and therefore for the supply of natural gas to Western Europe, by accusing the Liberal government of being soft. about Vladimir Putin and Russian aggression. In doing so, Canada’s Social Democrats are aligning themselves with the right-wing conservative opposition and the openly far-right forces of the Canadian Congress of Ukrainians (CUC).

NDP foreign affairs critic Heather McPherson campaigned for the Canadian Congress of Ukrainians earlier this year

The turbines typically deliver 100,000 cubic meters of natural gas per minute through the new pipeline, which supplies 30% to Germany and 20% to France. Complex moving parts require regular maintenance, which international companies such as the German multinational turbine manufacturer Siemens award worldwide. The service contract was concluded with the Canadian division of Siemens in Montreal.

But in Canada, the turbines are now subject to an unprecedented sanctions regime that NATO forces have imposed against Russia with the unqualified support of the entire Canadian political establishment, including the NDP. These sanctions are obviously a response to Russia’s “unprovoked” invasion of Ukraine. In fact, the United States, with the support of Canada, Germany and other Western imperialist powers, has long planned and fomented war with Moscow to complete its campaign to turn Ukraine into a geostrategic economic vassal and to destroy Russia economically. with the aim of dismembering it and subordinating it to the imperialist states.

The right-wing nationalist regime in Kyiv, supported by the far-right UCC, demanded that Canada seize the turbines as sanctioned goods and refuse to export them to Germany. They argued that Putin would be emboldened to seek further exemptions from the savage sanctions regime designed by Washington and its imperialist allies. The NDP enthusiastically joined this warmongering campaign.

Using the scathing pro-war rhetoric that the corporate media and the Trudeau government have spewed in recent months to justify Canada’s aggressive role in NATO’s war against Russia, NDP foreign affairs critic Heather McPherson complained: “It is shocking and disappointing that the Liberal government has decided to allow the turbines to be sent Nord Stream 1 to Germany and back to Russia. This decision contradicts the sanctions that Canada imposed on Russia in response to the illegal invasion and genocide in Ukraine.

The NDP, which has endorsed Canada’s involvement in a long series of illegal US-led wars of aggression over the past three decades, has led a hysterical campaign by Canada’s ruling elite to call Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “genocide.” Although the New Democrats have promoted the bombing of Yugoslavia, the neo-colonial occupation of Afghanistan, NATO’s regime change war in Libya and the United States’ war in Syria, which have collectively killed hundreds of thousands of people and made millions of refugees, McPherson believes he has the right to call the Russian invasion, which according to international estimates killed about 5,000 civilians, “a genocide comparable to the extermination of European Jews by the Nazis.


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