Cannes 2022, day 3: The return of James Gray and Jerzy Skolimowski

The second day of the competition, good pace, very sunny. In the official competition, it is also a day of great returns: American James Gray climbed the stairs with Anne Hathaway and Anthony Hopkins for Armageddon’s time and 84-year-old Pole Jerzy Skolimowski returned to the palace with Mateusz Kostyukevich and Isabelle Huppert …

Paul Fourier, Johan Haddad, Yael Hirsch and Jeffrey Nabavian.

Morning Paintings of the Week: God’s Creations and Les Harkis

This Thursday morning, on the side of two weeks of directors, we walked with tense hearts between a fishing village (in both senses) in Ireland with God’s creations and a Kharkiv camp at a time when Algeria was gaining independence in the early 1960s.

An ode to the very beautiful Emily Watson, whom we are happy to find as a scaly oyster mother wolf, God’s creatures Silas Davis and Anna Rose Holmer stage the return of the prodigal son in the decoration of the postcard (the waves crash against the sea, the counter of a mahogany pub, a brilliant fish factory). But the first big problem is that the dialogues of this rather crude drama weigh more than oyster nets. Actors do their best, but it is difficult for them to convey their ultra-descriptive text. The effect of reality does not work when it comes to depicting the humble social environment and distant shores of Australia, from where the long-lost son returns, very abstract and useless. Cherry on the cake: a curse, with great moments of fear of God, completely detached from the characters. In short, the images are beautiful, but the urgency of the message to be transmitted remains unresolved.

At the antithesis of this impression of seafaring, Kharkiv Philippe Faucon solves a delicate subject with boundless precision and honesty. The film presents several trajectories of Algerian men who joined the French army in the fight against Algerian nationalists in the late 1950s. With the Evian Accords, betrayal hit them hard. The exact film in his descriptions and the relationships he portrays, which serves to better historical awareness of austerity and elegance.

We decided at 14:00 to face the film, which started the day before “Two Weeks of Directors”, Flight, directed by Pietro Marcello. In the end, the ambiguous impression is that if he starts with persuasiveness, focusing first on the central character, played by the very impressive Raphael Thierry, then he ends up giving the impression of deja vu and superficiality because he evokes too many themes.

At 15:00 a new viewing with Tchaikovsky’s wife another editor and a slightly different opinion about the quality of the film. If the first part of the film is academic, bordering on boredom, then in the second, which begins when the musician decides to part with a parasite he has never been in love with, Serebrennikov turns his camera into a fierce and shiny scalpel of deadly madness. .

A new experience of a small village, but this time lost in Finland for the sake of a film we watched at 5pm during Critics’ Week. Mikko Millalahtimarked as a co-author of the script Ollie Mackie who won Un Certain Regard in 2016 signs with Metsurin tarina (History of the lumberjack) colorful first feature film with cold light and rough characters. Read our review.

To 19:00, we were on the pole position for James Gray’s new film in the official competition. Opinions are divided!

At the same time, far from the long-awaited American director, a legend slipped into the palace: section Cane Classic offered to confront one of the most prominent French actors, with a tragic fate. Documentary Patrick Dever, My Hero, narrated by the daughter of the famous translator Lola Dewar and director Alexander Muaks, does not revolutionize the genre in terms of form, but we learn a lot from it, so as not to reveal here. Determined to make the queue available for digestion, the demons of the person taken for the subject, she holds this wire to the end. And his harmonious form has enough time to simultaneously announce the progress of his career, which in the end was quite special.

AND at 22:00this is unfortunately without Jerzy Skolimowski but with its producer and screenwriter Eva Piakowska, we saw a new feature film by the Polish director, who at the age of 84 continues his formal research, following the red thread of a narrow donkey escape. “Eo” is his cry and his name (a translation of the French “hello khan”), and Balthazar de Bresson is his model … A race that ends in Italian palace cuisine with Isabelle Huppert in a robe and Louboutin…

This Thursday, May 19, Cannes evenings were packed: Kylie Minogue on Magnum Beach and Pierre de Meyer, Kiddie Smile and Arno Rebotini in Silencio. See you tomorrow for a report on another day of all culture at Croisette …

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