Cannes 2022, day 4: Korean thriller and Egypt by Tariq Saleh

Again under the scorching sun Tout La Culture strolled on Croisette. The day was full, the offers were varied.

In the morning, just before the royal press conference with Time of Armageddon, some of us went to catch up with the film in the Lumiere theaters. Verdict? At Tout La Culture, we mostly award the prize for the first great film seen during this 75th edition, this autobiographical work by James Gray. Read our column.

At 11:00, we admire his performance at Kharkiv Philip Focon, we interviewed Theo Cholby, who climbed the stairs that evening to Night at 12 author Dominic Moll. He tells us about his first role in “Kharki” and about his music, and in October his album Süeür will be released. It was Sylvain Lefebvre who accompanied us to photograph this actor and musician.

Tariq Saleh against religious institutions

For the first time at a competition in Cannes, Swedish director of Egyptian descent Tariq Saleh swings Croisette with a spy thriller influenced by the work of John Le Carre, which takes place at the heart of a major Egyptian religious school. He exposes corruption and extremist religious movements with great sharpness, sparing no one in exposing power. He arrived at the Lumiere Theater to be accompanied by his actors, including the brilliant Fares Fares, a familiar figure in his filmography. At the end of the session, the film crew was applauded for a long time, causing the director a flurry of emotions.

A look at Japan and Tunisia

On the side of the parallel section “Without Some Attention,” we first find ourselves in a Japanese society that promotes euthanasia for people over the age of seventy-five, at least proposed by a public program. It Map 75Chie Hayakawa’s first feature film, unfortunately, seemed too long and distracted: too much attention was paid to unnecessary details, too many central characters … It seemed to us that the film eventually strayed from its theme.

The impression was not the same with Harka, author Lotfi Nathan: this sad social chronicle of modern Tunisia fulfills its contract at the level of vigilance of a critical situation and a portrait of an angry young man. But she turns out to be good at this last point, in particular by imitating fully populated translators, whether Adam Bessa, the central role, or Iqbal Harby, who plays her younger sister lively. And above all, the film allows itself to add elements that draw its realism to a little poetry, in a very convincing way, translating, for example, the thoughts and fears of the said sister in episodes with a meditative and beautiful.

George Miller on the carpet and the story of a genius without much madness

The Australian director presented out of competition, 3000 years of sorrow in which Tilda Swinton sees Idris Elba falling into the bathroom like a genius from his lamp. If the film is not devoid of poetry, then the whole is twisted and the actress is in the opposite employment of an indecisive and softened lover.

Hunt, an exciting thriller that is filmed at 200 per hour against the backdrop of the Cold War in Korea

The next day’s session in Agnes Ward’s room allowed us to see Hunting, Chon Zhe Li’s first film (out of competition), recently shown in the Squid Game series. If we cling to try to follow the adventures of two warring South Korean security officers and their twists and turns, we will get into the crazy pace of the film. Filled with a concentrate of John Woo, James Bond and “Mission Impossible” with its share of fights, shootings and torture. Don’t miss out if you like the genre.

In the evening, the celebritytr rationsFor many years of Cannes ACID programming

Then on Mademoiselle Gray Beach there was a party dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of ACID’s presence at the Cannes Film Festival every year. A set of films selected by directors, each time hiding its share of discoveries: we can remember the ingenious The starry sky above my head Where tightrope walkersthe great Ilan Clipper, or Quicksilver Stefan Batuta, as wellAha, Simon Coulibaly Gillard, scheduled for 2021 and soon in theaters. In this year 2022, there are such revelations in the ranks of this chapter as 99 months Where How to save a dead friend.

With its pleasant atmosphere and cocktails bartenders experts to fully do to showliterally juggling bottles and shakers, this party was able to offer a truly relaxing moment, surpassed as a bonus by DJ Hobbs, behind the wheel of music that evening. An expert in moving dancers with his choice of plays, he tried to put together a purely electric brace, ultimately an absolute grace, about twenty. thus igniting dance floor with the following sequence mixall he had to do was rock Mylène Farmer, Suprême NTM, “Bohemian Rhapsody” Queen or “Boys Don’t Cry” The Cure to leave an unforgettable impression on everyone present.

Visual first: © GN

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