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Discover the choice of two weeks of directors in 2022, which opens Pietro Marcello’s L’Envol and ends Nicolas Pariser’s Le Parfum vert. This parallel part of Cannes will open tomorrow, May 18, and will last until May 27, 2022.

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The 54th issue of “Two Weeks of Directors” has begun!

For its 2022 vintage – the last to be led by Paolo Moretti, who will resign as General Delegate at the end of the festival – the parallel section offers a very good lineup, mixing names well known to festivalgoers (Philippe Focon, Joao Pedro Rodriguez, Nicolas Parisino, Ecolis Pariso, , Mia Hansen Love, Lea Misius and many new directors.

As the “Two Weeks of Directors” mission accompanies the first steps of the directors, this edition will present the first days of 18 directors (out of 24, three titles will be directed together).

Among the expected stars are Lea Seydou, Virginia Efira, Vincent Lacoste, Adele Exarkopoulos, Sandrine Cyberlen, and Irish actor Paul Mescal, the revelation of the series “Normal People”. Also note the presence of Jesse Buckley (discovered by Wild Rose and recently seen in The Lost Daughter) with director Alex Garland, first selected in Cannes, along with E (Men) at a special session.

The selection also includes an honorable place for women directors – 11 of them – including the first production by Annie Erno! The author really made the film “Super 8 years” together with her son David Erno-Brio.

The director is always in the spotlight, with the Golden Coach, which this year will receive American Kelly Reichardt. The director will also take part in the official selection with her 8th feature film “Show”.

How often “strong presence of French cinema“It should be noted”.336 French feature films were received“Paolo Moretti pointed out. A strong presence thatcorresponds to the richness and vitality of French cinema“. The bi-weekly directors run from May 18 to 27, 2022.

Discover the official selection of the 54th edition of the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs:

Feature films:

3rd full-length film by the author Nicolas Pariser after “The Great Game” and “Alice and the Mayor”, Green perfume it’s a detective comedy “between Tintin and Hitchcock“and brings together Vincent Lacoste and Sandrine Cyberlen.

Plot: in the middle of the play in front of a stunned audience, an actor from “Comedy-Frances” is killed by poisoning. Martin, one of the actors in the squad, a direct witness to the murder, is soon suspected by police and prosecuted by the mysterious organization that ordered the murder. With the help of cartoonist Claire Martin, she will try to unravel the mystery of this violent death during a very troubled trip to Europe.

  • 1976 Manuela Martelli (1st feature film)
  • El Agua Elena Lopez Riera (1st feature film)
  • Dam (Al-Sadd, السّد, Le Barrage) Ali Cherry (1st feature film)
  • Super 8 years Annie Erno and David Erno Brio (1st film)

Surprise with the announcement of an unexpected director for the first time: novelist Annie Erno! For the first time, she is signing a feature film, co-starring with her son David Erno-Brio, Les Années Super 8, an autobiographical documentary.

As is often the case in her work, here she provides a universal dimension to very personal work. Here we draw on unique material: their family films, made in the Super 8 between 1976 and 1981, weave intimate, social and political history around images and new sublime text.“, Clarifies the selection committee Quinzaine des Réalisateurs.

By the way, the author Annie Erno recently became the subject of two films: “Simple Passion” by Daniel Arbid and “L’Evenement” by Audrey Divan, “Golden Lion” in Venice in 2021.

Five years after the great first feature film “Ava” with Noah Abita and Lor Calami, selected for Critics’ Week in Cannes, director and screenwriter Leah Missions present Five devilshis second feature film, which began to be postponed due to a pandemic and quarantine.

According to the Quinzaine Committee, this is a film “dazzling and mysterious“whose”register touches fantastic“, with”Incandescent lamp Adele Exarchopoulos“.

The synopsis is as follows: Vicky, a strange and lonely girl, has a gift: she can feel and reproduce all the scents of her choice, which she collects in carefully labeled jars. She secretly smelled her mother Joan, to whom she has a mad and exceptional, almost painful love. One day Julia, her father’s sister, breaks into their lives. Vicky begins to develop her fragrance. Then she is transported to dark and magical memories, where she will discover the secrets of her village, her family and her own existence.

A year after Bergman Island took part in last year’s official selection, Mia Hansen Love has already returned to Croisette from Good morning. The film stars Lea Seydou, Pascal Gregory, Nicole Garcia and Melville Pupo.

We follow Sandra, a young mother raising a daughter alone who often visits her ailing father, Georg. When she and her family go to the obstacle course to treat him, Sandra meets Clement, a long-lost friend …

The film presented by the selection committee of two weeks of directors as “a subtle chronicle of the daily life of a young woman who rediscovers a taste for life“, with”modesty and sophistication in the outstanding problems of our time“.

  • Funny pages of Owen Klein (1st film)
  • Falcon Lake, Charlotte Le Bon (1st film)

After Charlotte Le Bon tried to make a short film for Operation Talents Adami (Hotel Judith), Charlotte Le Bon moved on to a feature film, very freely adapting Bastien Vives’ comic book. Sister (published by Casterman) written by Francois Choquet.

A movie called Falcon Lake brings together Joseph Engel (the young actor was seen in the films of director Louis Garrel, “The Faithful Man” and “The Crusade”), Arthur Igual, Sarah Montpetit, Monia Chocri and Karin Gauntier Hindman. “A story of love and ghosts, tender and cruel“According to Fortnight.

  • Fogo-Fatuo (Will-o’-the-Wisp, Wisp) Joao Pedro Rodríguez
  • God’s creatures, Anna Rose Holmer and Saela Davis
  • Harkis of Philip Focona
  • Alex Garland’s Men (They) (Special Show)

After Ex Machina and Annihilation Alex Garland returns from their (Men), a film announced as “feverish and far-sighted“, which brings together Jesse Buckley, Rory Kinner and Paap Essied. This is his first Cannes selection.

Plot: After a personal tragedy, a woman travels alone to a beautiful English countryside to find a place to heal. But someone or something in the surrounding forests seems to be attacking her … It will be a nightmare for the heroine.

  • “Pamphir” by Dmytro Sukholytsky-Sobchuk (1st feature film)
  • The Man (Un Varon) by Fabian Hernandez (1st feature film)
  • Visiting Paris Alice Winocourt

4th feature film for Alice Winocour. After Augustine, Maryland and Proxima with Eva Green in an astronaut costume, the director and screenwriter begin See Paris again. The film brings together Virginia Ether, Benoit Magimel and Gregoire Colin. We remind you that Virginia Ether is also expected to host the opening and closing ceremonies of the Festival.

Two weeks of directors will take place from 18 to 27 May 2022.

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