Cannes Film Festival 2022: Virginia Ether at the presentation, three Belgian films claim the Golden Palm Branch

The Cannes Film Festival 2022 begins this Tuesday, and the Belgians are invited to the number, three black-yellow-red films compete with Virginia Effira as the winner of the ceremonies.

To do this, 75and During the Cannes Film Festival, the cream of world cinema will flock to Croisette, and Belgium will also be part of the celebration. Initially, nine Belgian films selected for the publication were screened at the Palace Cinema last month. Three films claim the most prestigious of the categories, the Golden Palm Branch, a national pride that is now internationally popular.

Lucas Dont’s return from “Close”

Director Lucas Dont was presented in Cannes in 2018 with the film “Girl”, then he received the “Golden Camera” 4 years ago, which awards the best film in all categories. For the first time, he entered the prestigious category with his second feature film “Close”, a film about friendship and responsibility. Leo and Remy, 13, have always been friends. Until they are separated by an unthinkable event. Leo then approaches Sophie, Remy’s mother, to try to understand. Remy’s mother, also played by actress Emily Decken, won Best Actress in Cannes in 1999 for her role in the Dardenne Brothers’ Rosetta.

“Eight Mountains”

The competition will also feature the film “Les Huit Montagnes” by a Flemish couple formed by Charlotte Vandermersch and Felix Van Groeningen.

This film, made in Italian, is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Italian Paolo Cognetti, a feature film about the friendship between a city boy Pietro and another from the mountains, Bruno.

Selected in 2009 for two weeks of directors, a parallel section of the Cannes Film Festival, for the film “Fun of Things”, Felix Van Groeningen at the time noted the mood, watching, naked and on a bicycle, Croisette and his team the film.

Return of the Dardenne brothers

And after the return of the Dardenne brothers, the duo will offer to dive into the history of two young exiles, in inseparable ties, who came to settle in Belgium.

Accustomed to the marches, both directors have already won two Palme d’Ors for Rosetta (1999) and L’Enfant (2005). This time they return with the film “Tori and Lokita”, a young man and a teenager who came alone from Africa, oppose their invincible friendship to the difficult conditions of their exile.

Other Belgian films

“Dalva” by Emmanuel Nico, IAD’s first feature film, will have its world premiere at Critics’ Week, a parallel section of the Cannes Film Festival dedicated to the first and second films. Synopsis: 13-year-old Dalva is suddenly taken from her father’s house. Once in the house and back to school, she will gradually realize that behind what she has always called “love”, there is something else hidden …

The Belgian production of Rebel by Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah will be broadcast at midnight. The film tells the story of Nassim, a 13-year-old boy from Molenbeek, who is looking for his identity after his father’s death.

We also remember Panos Kutras’s Dodo selection in the Cannes Premiere section, as well as Serge Bozon’s Don Juan (with Virginia Efira playing with Tahar Rahim) and Dominique Molla’s La Nuit du 12. of Bouli Lanners).

Belgian actors in all sections

In the section “Special View”, which aims to celebrate the daring and original works of little-known directors, we will find, in particular, “Return to Seoul” by Devi Chow with a young Belgian John Zimmer. As for the actors, Lubna Azabal will be present in Mariam Tuzani’s “Le bleu du caftan” and Johan Heldenberg’s “Les pires” by Lisa Akoca and Roman Gere.

Outside the competition, we will also mention the presence of Jeremy Rainier on the poster for the film “November” by Cedric Jimenez and Charlie Dupont in the opening film of “Coupe” by Michel Hazanavičius.

As for the Belgian cinematographer Benoit Debbie, he will be on the jury of this week’s critique. As for the two weeks of directors, the Belgian presence will also be provided by two co-productions: “Les Harkis” by Philippe Focon and “Le parfum vert” by Nicolas Pariser.

In short, Belgium did not stay away from this publication, the competition will last until May 28.

Anais Corbin / Photo: Belga – Archive 2017

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