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After the opening, which was more enticing with its ceremony than the opening film (see our review), this second day in Cannes definitely marked the beginning of this 75th edition.

Two weeks saw the directors withdraw Pietro Marcello began hostilities. ” The form contains everything, with this collage of image formats, a lot of small details that make the director’s research fascinating. And Juliet Juan is great in the last third claimed Florent Boute at the end of the show before heading to Critics’ Week. Alma Viva also seduced our journalist during a touching show: “ Great emotions from the 1st session of the competition of the week, which is currently led by our colleague Ava Kaen This first Franco-Portuguese film tells the story of little Salome in the heart of her family village, located in a hollow of the Portuguese mountains, during her carefree vacation. When her beloved grandmother dies suddenly and the adults suffer from the funeral, Salome is haunted by the spirit of what was considered a witch. WITH Alma VivaChristelle Alves Meira blurred the eyes of moviegoers and launched a beautiful competition.

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At the Lumière Bolshoi Theater, while Tom Cruise played a photo shoot and a master class before the presentation with great pomp Top Gun: Maverick (read our review), the competition started with a new film by Kirill Serebrennikov, Tchaikovsky’s wife. ” Miracle “According to Florent Bute, who clarifies that the Russian director has finally appeared on Croisette,” creates surprise in his production, remaining true to himself Black diamond was also welcomed Antoine Rousseau : « Immersed in a love obsession at the gates of madness, Tchaikovsky’s wife exceeds all expectations of a historical film in a suit! Serebrennikov’s deceptively classic production works wonders when immersed in the mental labyrinth of his heroine. “. Our correspondent Peter Nicholaswhich also passes through Croisette, brings a small flaw, paying homage to the official brilliance Tchaikovsky’s wife which, he said, suffers from the sometimes flashy staging and binary writing of the main characters, which, fortunately, manages to flourish in the last third. »

Day 1: It’s time for artists

It’s time for artists, responsible directors. These are the words of the president of this 75th Cannes Film Festival, Vincent Lyndon. in beautiful inaugural speechvoice, full of emotions, favorite actor Stefan Brieze, awarded the prize at the festival for interpretation for Market law, flows with the lyricism and sincerity that are so often inherent in him. ” To be alive and know it“. The actor paid a wonderful tribute to the seventh art, and Forest Whitakerawarded the Palme d’Or, where he greeted the “torchbearers” with which directors portray the world that so often helps to better understand and represent the planet on which we live.

Gifted to perfection by the merciful Virginia Etherthis opening ceremony, broadcast by France Télévisions, was the first highlight of this 75th issue, which was enthusiastically opened Julianne Moore. Earlier, the Ukrainian President’s speech seriously reminded of the disturbing news from the European continent, calling on Charlie Chaplin in his call for solidarity and unity of peoples: “We will continue to fight, we have no other choice (…) I am sure that the “dictator” will lose“.

Cannes Jury 2022

Invitation to get out of the night ” already proclaimed by Virginia Aether in her introduction (“ The world is written in an incomprehensible language. Cinema translates this for us with images and emotions. Without this light, without this common language, all night.“) Before singing Johnny Holliday’s refrain during the very beautiful cover offered by Vincent Delermeundoubtedly one of the key moments of this first evening, his subtle singing, dialogue with the screen in the background, when the images of kissing scenes appeared (Adele’s life, Paris, Texas, Atlantic…).

Thus, this 75th Cannes Film Festival is open for ten days of dark rooms and screenings, as many promises. Ten days of opening feature films from around the world, exploring horizons and genres, with a preview of the film as an epilogue Cut out! Michelle Hazanicius, Oscar winner for Artist a few months after his passage to the Croisette.

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D-Day: Let’s move on to the 75th edition

After two more than special years (one edition was canceled in 2020 and the next under the yoke of health restrictions), Cannes Film Festival should take place this year in the usual configuration. Refrain from skipping health and wearing the obligatory mask (which remains recommended), again hello online checkout, which was introduced last year and has now become permanent, to receive precious sesame seeds for each screening of different sections of this 75th Cannes Film Festival.

Get the coveted Golden Palm Branch, awarded last year to a film that did not arouse enthusiasm in our ranks (Titanium), 21 feature films will take part in the competition in the hope of getting on the prize list of the jury chaired Vincent Lyndon – whose synephilia is no longer provable. Along with the wonderful French actor, we will find an actress and director Rebecca Hallactresses Deepika Padukone, Numi Rapas and Jasmine Trinkaand four international directors, Asgar Farhadi, Laj Lee, Jeff Nichols and finally Joachim Trier (a year after Croisette vibrated with her gorgeous Julie in 12 chapters).

Among the directors returning to the competition are four winners of the Golden Palm Branch, Hirokazu Kore-Ed (for Family business), Ruben Ostlund (for Square), Christian Munjiu (for 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days) and The Dardenni brothers (who are in the circle of eight twice defeated directors, p Rosetta and child). In addition to regulars, you will also need to count on the presence of recognized authors, for example James Gray, Pak Chan-Wook, David Cronenberg and Kelly Reichardtas well as a few newcomers to the competition, whose second or third feature film we can’t wait to open (we’re especially thinking about Lucas Dont after the revelation girl).

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But other pleasant surprises will certainly come from parallel sections, from “Special Look” to Critics ‘Week, through the attractive “Directors’ Week”. The latter brings together some of the films we’ve been looking forward to – even hoping to see them in palm competition – including recent productions by Mia Hansen-Love, Alice Winocourt, Nicolas Pariser, Leo Misius, Philip Focon and even Alex Garland, whose Men will be presented at a special session.

Therefore, this Tuesday, May 17, the opening of the attractive 75th Cannes Film Festival will take place, which we assume is already exciting, touching, confusing and rich in debate. Our special representatives are on site Florent Boute and Antoine Rousseau will tell you about this busy Cannes 2022 with the help of the most important Elodie Martin behind the scenes, and at the end of the festival joined the author of these lines.

Oscar-winning director Michel Hazanavičius was chosen to deploy the fighting. Cut out – we can already say that you will not be unanimous, but will offer an opening for rest before ten intensive days ahead. Visit Le Bleu du Miroir after the ceremony (presented by the sublime Virginia Aether) to read our review of the film.

Cannes Film Festival 2022

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