Carcassonne: Conti celebrates its 30th anniversary

Led by Manuel Pena and then Frederic Sagi, with the help of Alain Andrie, this Carcassonne institution survived the roar of the locals, two fires and Covid. To celebrate its third decade, the dance bar is hosting two exceptional evenings on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th of May.

In a few days, Conti will go down in history by joining the very exclusive club of the oldest bars in Carcassonne. “If not the oldest”, says Frederick Sagi. The owner of the nightclub and its correspondent in charge of communications, Alain Andrie, agree: as far as they know, no other nightclub is open as long as a dance bar. And for good reason: the Carcassonne brand opened the rue de l’Aigle d’or in February 1992 … 30 years ago.

Birthday “sole”is celebrated on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th of May “in the center of the street”. The party will really take place in and around the bar. The match will be started by Sevillans and Bob Dassen (aka Frederick Sagi). DJs Philip Corti and Savon will be on deck the next day. “Service will be provided by Brasserie chez Ju and wine by Syndicat du Cru Minervois”, announces Alain Andrew. employees “always”notes Frederick Sagi, who he said knew “be there when needed”.

Among the honored guests at the celebrations: Manuel Pera, the first patron of the walls … or almost. “Le Conti used to exist on Robert Boulevard. I took it over when I was 40, when the original owner, Pierre Pavanetto, sold it.”says Manuel Pena. Although he has since headed the Saillant Café, this mischievous-looking Carcassonne has always kindly followed the work of Frederic Sagi. “I’m happy he immortalized Conti”modestly trusts the one who has made a reputation for the place, welcoming pianist Louis de Preisac or one of the Petrucianni brothers. “In 1994, I also created the Corazon Caliente, the first salsa hall in Carcassonne, on the ground floor.”he points out.

A few years later, Frederick Sagi headed. “I had a cafe, 98, but I wanted to do something else. I liked the world less, Manu wanted to sell … It was good. “ Ten years after settling on the Rue de l’Agl d’Or, Conti changed hands, and the transition was smooth. “Manuel saw me born, and Allen is closejokes the current owner of this Carcassonne institution. This is a family. ”

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The filial spirit that built the reputation of this place. “We come here from the ages of 7 to 77, we can listen to Celine Dion as AC / DC on the ground floor, and upstairs are DJs like Charles Schillings and Ariel Wisman.”, says Alain Andrew. And the editor-in-chief of Mag Evasion to list the events of the city that can not be missed, such as Primagrave, Micro Feria or Cité jeunes festival, which hosts the brand.

If 30 years after the founding of Conti is still part of the walls of Carcassonne, it is not without difficulty. Faced with the displeasure of the locals, he had to reinvent himself, losing the right to a late discovery. Pond “Box in front of the box“, worked from 22:00 to 02:00, then there were two fires. “The first was really insignificant, but the second forced us to close for 15 months”, says Frederick Sagi. But even Covid could not harm this monument to Carcassonne Night and his team, unchanged for 15 years. Perseverance that promises good years to come. “We’ll see in 30 years”in unison launches an unstoppable trio.

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