Catacombs of black knives Elden Ring: where to find the symbol of the black knife?

Want to get a black knife symbol from Elden Ring, but don’t know how to get it? In this video tutorial, you will find the path you need to take to collect the glyph and complete the dungeons. The guide below provides you with the location of the catacombs, as well as details of the various quests associated with this famous glyph.

Location of the catacombs of the Black Knives

The Catacombs of the Black Knives are located northeast of Lurni. You can get to them by descending the tombstones from the second tower of proselytes or from the blessed place “Destroyed Labyrinth”. To enter the instance, you will need to defeat the Knight of the Mausoleum.

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Where to find the symbol of the black knife?

Following Fia’s quest, you will be able to hug her and then secretly communicate with her. Once you have discovered the faces of Valorage and Roger, you can ask her about it. During your intimate discussion, she will then mention the dungeon northeast of Lurnia, which hides one of the murderers with the famous knife that struck Godwin the Golden with the sign of death. These are the Catacombs of the Black Knives, but the classic dungeon path should not be used to search for a famous object.

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To meet the famous killer, you have to go a very specific way, which is not without pitfalls. First, go into the room with the large blades down, and then up again. On the second shovel you have to climb it to jump on the platform on the left. So stand on the left end of the blade.

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Once at the top, continue on your way, carefully killing the necromancers, and when you go into a dead end, hit the wall in front of you, it’s an illusion. The Black Knife Slayer will be right behind this wall and you can get the Black Knife Symbol by killing it.

Once you have the glyph, you can continue the dungeon to face the real boss, or go directly to the Round Table to pass the glyph to Roger. Having given the glyph to Roger, you will have to recharge the territory, resting in the place of grace, and then return to see it; he will send you to Ranni, northwest of Lurni, to the 3 sisters. After talking to Rannie, you will need to meet Roger a second time to share your findings with him. Then, finally, at the risk of surprising you, you will have to talk to Ranni again to agree to join his camp.

How to complete the catacombs?

The path taken to pass the dungeon is similar to the path of the Black Knights killer. You will have to borrow the same blade that will take the heights of the catacombs, but instead of going to the room of the secondary boss, you will have to fall into a small cavity, which is located just behind the skeleton of the archer. Then you fall into the sewers of the catacombs.

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Immediately behind you, you can activate the lever to open the boss’s door, and then the second lever to open the gate that separates you from the rest of the sewer.

Be careful, the giant crab will jump out of the ground, so you can either run up the ladder to avoid it, or urge him to be quiet. It will not give you much prey, it’s just a classic crab that you can find in the swamps.

Once at the top of the ladder, all you have to do is go back to the entrance to the catacombs and thus rub your shoulders with the Shadow. This boss will allow you to receive the Death Flower to continue the search for Guranka.

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