CDC: Astra loses to Eigle in Dshanga, 0-1

The Brazilians of Bepanda lost 1-0 in the first matches of the quarterfinals of the Cameroon Cup. Nicolas Tonier Tonier and his foal promise an answer in Douala on June 1.

Taking part in the African Football Confederations Cup, Astres de Douala was unable to face the Royal Eagle of La Menuia this weekend. The match, which reached the quarterfinals of the Cup of Cameroon, took place at the Cenajes Stadium in Dschang. Realizing the fact that their team is in a bad position in the elite championship, the population of the city of Dschang and its environs mobilized en masse to push Wamba’s foal Petit Michel to victory.

Shortly before the start of this exciting meeting, the city was flooded with rain, which made the playing field with insufficient sand almost impassable. Especially since the cats that the players had on their feet could not stand it. Several head moves were lost across the dirty field. Until the sun returned, within the seventieth minute.

Although the Dshang public, which accused him of bias, argued, Daira Gambo, the central figure during the meeting on the 6th day against Dshang Eigl and Fow, remained adamant in his decision-making. However, the locals tried to impose their pace on the guests from the beginning of the game. In the 3rd minute, the center of Baihi passes just above the head of Pindi, who stood against the goalkeeper Nyame Hugo. El Pasha’s reign lasted almost ten minutes; without Wamba, Pena, Pindi and Bayiha, who find their way to opposite goals.

After this early dominance in the game, the game is balanced by attacks from both sides. In the 32nd minute, Mbudga, captain of Eigla, on a corner kick, disturbed Nyame a bit with a crushed blow. Three minutes later, Tah Lucas passes Bayiha, who could not beat goalkeeper Astres with a header. The latter took a free kick in the 40th minute. With a skillful jump, Mbudga deflects a shot, very dangerous for Dean, into the corner. It is on this diplomatic account that both teams take a break.

Taking advantage of this dead time, Nicolas Tonier Tonier asks his foals to always force Eagle players to play the ball quickly. These instructions will be followed in the recovery letter. But El Pasha, who has the support of his public, is pushing for the opposing camp. On the 49th, Astris misses a set at the 18-meter entrance after a foul on Mongol. Ngoko’s cannon shot was barely deflected by Dean, while several Astre fans present in the stadium had already seen him open.


After a difficult defense, Egla Nia Gule receives a counterattack. At the end of his race, in which he is on the heels of Mbudg, he hastily puts the ball a few inches from Dean straight. General fright in the stadium. The match was called in the 71st minute. The womb is broken on the true surface of the stars. Daira Gambo gives a penalty without hesitation. The audience is happy. Coming in on the 67th minute, Herve Kenfak took the fate of the club into his own hands and transformed his shot. The fans are untied and walk around the stadium. The game is not over yet. After three minutes of misunderstanding between the two strikers, El Paci does not allow them to score the second goal, which in some way can provide them with a possible qualification at the end of the return match.

A red card received by Bessong 11 minutes after regular time, for two consecutive errors on two Eagle players when he had a free kick in his hands, forces Tonya Tonya to reconsider his rating in the game. Ngoko Nsou, the captain of Astres, believes that “arbitration has put us at a disadvantage. We will do our best to qualify for Douala in the return match. ” For Wamba Petit Miche, who does not save on resources, “it is easier to play a cup match away than at home. The main thing when returning is to score as many goals as possible. Master Fomi Henri Pierre, Aigle’s managing director, understands: “We are looking at game after game and counting on the morale of the players to defeat Astra after returning to Douala. To stylishly end the sports season (the team is threatened with relegation, ed.), The elite would have to enlist financial support.

Blaise Nwafo in Dschang

Technical letter

Eagle – Stars: 1-0

Actors: Dairu Gambo; A1: Joki Nsah; A2: Bamok Francois; A4: Ngnung Roger

Stadium: Cenajes de Dschang
Climate: rainy weather
Temperature: 36 °
Audience: 3500
Time: 90 + 3


eagle: 1 Dean John; 27 Tah Lucas; 24 Sotejuong; 12 Mengaptche; 30 Embonang; 8 Mbudga; 17 Nkambfu, then 25 Ndongo Ndzana (84th); 15 Baiha; 10 Pen; 23 vamba; 11 Pindy, then 9 Kenfak (67th) Substitutions: 5 Ketchang; 7 Nietham; 14 Mbets; 16 Married; 20 Coach Chaudi: Wamba Petit Michel

Stars: 1 Nyame Hugo; 28 Ebanda; 4 Bessong; 15 Ovona Ndong; 2 Baby King; 7 Mb; 14 Nzekou, then 10 Ncha Paul (73rd); 19 Nya Guele then 15 Kofana (87th); 24 Mongolian; 18 Nyamsi, then 8 Kibong (64th); 3 Ngoko Nsou Spares: 16 Lukong; 29 Buema Coach: Nicolas Tonier Tonier


Eagle: And Lucas 20
Stars: Nyamsi 37; Ebanda 43rd; Mbom 87th


Besson 79th

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