Cherbourg-en-Cotentin. Due to a lack of volunteers, this association is now dissolved.

The last general meeting of Tôt en folie, which decided to dissolve the association due to a lack of volunteers. (© La Presse de la Manche)

After several resignations of office membersthe assembly voted unanimously dissolution of this, hoping that the municipality will find a solution to Festival of acoustic music in Parc du Tôt is ongoing. The city of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin organize Music festival without recourse to voluntary associations, why not Équeurdreville-Hainneville. Several associations are ready to provide their services if the event is supported by the municipality, as was the case for Cherbourg,” said Pascal Fauchon, president of the Le Tôt en folie association.


The the last general meeting there was a reason to apply thank you very much. “Thank you to the associations France Volontariat, Areh, Clé des chants, All in the same basket and former members of the association for being present,” said Pascal Faucon at the opening of the session, before presenting a brief history of the genesis of the association, focused on neighborhood parties and parties with acoustic music.

The session continued with a minute’s meditation dedicated to the memory of Christiana Colson, who died on February 20, 2022, “who offered her services and qualities as a cook with great dynamism for years.”

1,500 viewers in 2022

After apologizing to those present, the president questioned the interest shown by the municipality in the Fête de la musique organized in the Parc du Tôt, which was appreciated by both the public and the animators. “I regularly receive many messages of support and thanks for this holiday,” emphasizes Pascal Fauchon.

After the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 music festivals through health context“Acoustic Music Festival 2022 was a real successwith an audience almost the same as in 2019, about 1,500 people, despite the communication that deserves such communication as in Cherbourg, as the two events complement each other,” says the office.

“The park offers peace to families, allowing children to roam in green areas. Prohibition of sound systems allows you to respect the family audience and the neighborhood. Bands can perform next to each other in this wonderful green setting, improved thanks to the work that the municipality has been doing for several years. »

Pascal FauchonPresident of the association Le Tôt en folie

Le Tôt en folie turned to a professional griller, and this year they offered French fries, which are in great demand as a side dish to the traditional sandwich.

“It was a great success, a queue of several tens of meters during peak hours. Many thanks to Jean-Louis Dalmont, who was able to organize the program for the various musical groups according to their availability. It is to him that the fatherhood of the acoustic music festival in the Parc du Tôt is entirely due. »

Pascal FauchonPresident of the association Le Tôt en folie

Thank you very much

Thanks to Olivier Morin for the wonderful drone footage, as well as France Benevolat, who is helping to find the volunteers needed to prepare and run this event. “Thank you to the Équeurdreville-Hainneville Photography Club for their photography exhibition at the fort, open exclusively for this occasion. Thank you Point d’orgue for the rental and delivery of the two pianos. Thanks to the Areh team for securing the site with all the seriousness we know they have,” continued the team, who also congratulated partners and technical teams for their support.

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From our correspondent Kateryna TISSO

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