choice of garden gifts for Mother’s Day

On Sunday, May 29, Mother’s Day is celebrated. For those who have a garden, have a green thumb or spend time there, here are some ideas on how to make them happy.

As every year in May, Mother’s Day is an expected date. In order not to deviate from the rule and offer a gift that will please you, Le Figaro offers you a many gifts offer to those who like to spend time in the garden.

Hanging reading chair

A hanging chair is installed in a quiet corner of the garden. Buildings of the world

Sitting in this chair with imitation rattan resin, with soft ecru pillows, on a steel structure, it’s nice to sway a light breeze while reading or listening to music …
Boyana, Houses of the World € 379.

Closed garden

Herbs that “almost” grow on their own. PDS

For moms who love herbs that don’t have a garden, here’s a “ready to grow” and connected indoor garden model. Made in France with an automatic lighting and watering cycle, it allows you to get excellent yields, such as basil, mint or onions, for a month and a half.
Lilo 149 euros.

Shoes for all passability

Rubber boots. eagle

If your mother is a gardener, regardless of the weather and the land on which she takes care of her plantations, Aigle offers boots made in France at the Chatellerault factory, for comfort and practicality.
From 35 to 41. Eagle € 90.

tea for relaxation

Green tea Mariage Frères. brothers wedding

Flowers right in a cup. The harvest of 2022 by Mariage Frères is a green tea with cherry blossom aroma and promises an olfactory journey in the Land of the Rising Sun..
Sakura! Sakura! Label Jardin Premier Green Tea, 80 g, Mariage Frères € 26. Also available in blue or white tea.

Cactus for the desert atmosphere

Aluminum cacti. PDS

To decorate your garden, here is a metal outdoor cactus 1.5 meters high. Made of aluminum, it does not rust, is recyclable, lightweight and comes in different colors: red, yellow, black, green and blue.
LP Design 470 euros.

Designer living room outdoors

Summer living room outdoors. PDS

Looking at the pool, look at the horizon, between flowers of all colors and the luxury of trees, lying quietly on a bench or on the lounger of the Temps Calme Outdoor lounge, designed by Rocher Bobua. Assortment ten colors Coordinated is offered in bold and pastel shades to choose from according to your tastes and available decor.
Price: from 1390 euros Roche Bobois.

A book to be unsurpassed in the garden

A practical guide to garden care. PDS

Clause Orchard Guide – All Tips for Organic Food and 200 Plant Sheets lists the knowledge and tips you need to know for an ideal and natural garden, from vegetables to berries and herbs.
Solar Editions, 415 pages, 22.90 euros.

Standing city

City garden. PDS

Rectangular, made of Class III autoclaved pine, this square meter vegetable plot, which can be placed in the garden or on the terrace, helps protect your back without leaning to ground level when growing fruits and vegetables.
Dimensions: L 120 x W 60 x H 90 cm. Square size: 27 x 37 cm, depth: 28 cm. Nature and discovery € 155.

LED lamp for dim lighting

Soft light for summer nights. PDS

Thanks to its elegant design, this 8-hour plastic plastic LED lamp, rechargeable with a remote control, scatters soft light – with 16 different lighting colors – for evenings outdoors.
Size 38×160 cm. Veranda 239.99 euros.

Bright pots

To make the plants shine even at night. PDS

To showcase your plants even in the dark, this pot is equipped with white 230 V bulbs and is made in France.
Dimensions: 100 x 40 x 47 cm Chapelu 439.90 euros.


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