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Author: Samuel DELZIANI

For almost five months, Cité du train – SNCF Heritage is in tune with the Lego toy brand. The Mulhouse Railway Museum saw big things to celebrate the most famous of the little bricks.

4,000,000 small bricks and various parts, 60 meters of railway tracks, 400 m2 of space: the new exhibition at the Cité du train celebrates the passion for Lego in a large format in Mulhouse. From June 18, the railway museum in partnership with the German association of Lego fans “Schwabenstein 2×4 eV” offers an exhibition around the small playful brick, which is very popular among children between the ages of 7 and 77 all over the world. Members of Schwabenstein 2×4 eV, the first association of Lego enthusiasts created in Germany. It has more than 100 members throughout Germany and is also present in France, Switzerland and Austria. Since 2017, the association has been organizing annual brick exhibitions, which are visited by an average of 200,000 visitors each time. Taking a look at the museum’s collections, thus offering an unobstructed view of the best of the exhibits, the exhibition space allows you to discover animated and static dioramas, Lego trains from the past 40 years, as well as a variety of French rolling stock such as the famous TGV PSE 1981 year and its famous orange livery. Patrick Böhmann – one of the 12 exhibitors from the Schwabenstein 2×4 eV association present at the Brick Show – was responsible for the creation of this copy that is circulating at the show. Visitors will also find the Hogwarts Express. On this train, Harry Potter meets those who will become his closest friends throughout the long saga that is being announced: Ron and Hermione. The Hogwarts Express returns several times throughout the series. His lego version is a must for all fans of the sorcerer’s apprentice! A chance to also admire the City, the incredible achievement of two Lego madmen. Since 2008, Klaus Wirz and Tibor Hoffmann have been relentlessly building and developing a miniature city of Lego bricks. Now it occupies 30 m2 and consists of 3 million bricks. 120 vehicles provide transportation for more than 1,000 small residents. Ports, airports, railways and roads provide access to many buildings. The Danish game maker has a long tradition of railway themes. In 1964, the first train built from small colored bricks was released to the market. Since 1966, the brand has been offering trains equipped with batteries that allow them to travel on the rail network. Since then, the range of railways has expanded significantly and today dozens of models occupy the windows of toy retailers. Visitors who also want to show off their talent can stop by the railroad museum shop. In partnership with Brickworms, the manufacturer of Lego accessories and sets, they will be able to purchase collectible models of several locomotives from the museum’s collections: the TGV PSE engine, the BB 9200 Capitole or the 111 “Steam Locomotive. Eagle” named after 1846 year.

Enough to reconstruct the entire history of the French railway in Lego blocks! A 288-brick (1/42 scale) shunter Y 7199 replica went on sale June 18th as an exclusive numbered edition.

Practical information. Exhibition in Lego blocks from June 18 to November 6, 2022.

Train City – SNCF Heritage 2 rue Alfred de Glehn, 68200 Mulhouse

The temporary exhibition is included in the ticket price.


This article is taken from issue 3897 La Vie du Rail.

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