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Famous Tunisian-Italian actress Claudia Cardinale will be in Tunisia, her home country, from 25 to 30 May 2022. And this at the invitation of the municipality of La Gulett and the cultural association Piccola Sicilia. The municipality’s partners in this invitation are the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Tourism and Crafts, the Italian Institute of Culture of Tunisia, the Panorama Communication Agency and the Church of Saint-Augustin-et-Saint-Fidel in Little Sicily.

On this occasion, and in agreement with the municipality of La Gulett and in the spirit of partnership, a street in this village will be dedicated to him. Claudia Cardinale will leave Paris and will live during her stay in the northern suburbs of Tunisia, said TAP Mohamed Ben Ahmed, president of the cultural association Piccola Sicilia. Italian director Marcello Bivona will direct in collaboration with “Piccola Sicilia” a film about the event and the area of ​​La Gulette

Tunisian-born Italian director Marcello Bivona, in collaboration with the Piccola Sicilia association, will make a film about the event and La Gulette. This event, he said, is an opportunity to make La Goulette more visible based on the message of tolerance and coexistence between cultures and religions. The aim is to emphasize the specificity of La Goulette, an open city whose communities lived in harmony. For example, the departure of Madonna from Trapani every year on August 15, originally a Catholic procession, is primarily a celebration that attracts all communities in the area. It is, in a way, the Madonna of fishermen, whether Catholic or Muslim. And add: “We take this opportunity to congratulate the municipality of La Gulette, which supports and encourages this annual celebration.”

The visit, Mohamed Ben Ahmed added, also aims to encourage people living in Tunisia to return to the country and make their visit public in order to position Tunisia as a tourist destination. Through these activities, the Piccola Sicilia Association seeks to highlight various aspects of La Gulet’s heritage, including Tunisia in general, and to demonstrate that such actions can have a direct impact on the region’s business. and the entire northern suburbs: hotels, restaurants, festivals, crafts, etc.

Claudia Cardinale was born on April 15, 1938 in Tunisia. His father, an engineer of Italian descent living in Tunisia, works for Compagnie des Tramways. Claude, his sister and his two brothers spend all their youth in the La Gulette district. At the age of 16, she won the competition for the most beautiful Italian woman in Tunisia. Her beauty immediately attracted attention, and she received role offers from producers. But the girl was destined for something completely different – a teacher.

After some time, Mario Monicelli managed to persuade the girl and her parents to return to Rome. And this is for the shooting of his first film “Pigeon” (1958) with Vittorio Gassman. The experience is convincing, and she decides to try her luck in the movies. She changed her name to Claudia, took lessons at the Experimental Film Center in Rome and signed a contract with Franco Cristaldi and his company “La Vides”, which initially bound her for seven years. In 1959, she made the film Meurtre à l’Italienne, which was immediately approved by critics. In 1961, the actress was illustrated in the drama “The Girl with the Suitcase” by Zurlini. She received the David di Donatello Award for Best Actress. It was discovered in France in The Cartridge (1962) with Jean-Paul Belmondo.

Prestigious collaborations follow one another; in 1963 she starred in Fellini’s Eight and a Half and Visconti’s Cheetah. Then the actress achieved the title of international star and continues to extend his filmography; Professionals, Once in the West, Les petroleuses, La Scoumoune…

Claudia Cardinale truly returned to the big screen in 1981 with Fitzcarraldo’s The Duke. In the 1980s and 1990s, she starred several times for French directors (Summer Next, A Man in Love, Mayrig, 588, rue Paradis). In 1993, Claudia Cardinale won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival for her entire career.

Piccola Sicilia: the memory of La Gulette

La Goulette is a translation of the name from the Italian goletta (small gorge), a language that was then widely used in the region due to the large number of Italians who lived there in the 19th and XXth centuries. This term refers to a narrow place, a canal 28 meters wide, through which Lake Tunis connects with the Gulf of Tunisia and on the shores of which rises the city.

Since 1868, the year of the signing of the Tunisian-Italian Treaty of La Gulette, which encourages immigration to Tunisia, the arrival of Italians has become more massive and eventually changed the face of the city. The vast majority of these settlers, who are day laborers, artisans, miners and fishermen, will quickly form a large community and give their area the name “Little Sicily”.

Among the celebrities from La Goulette: actress Claudia Cardinale. She followed the path of success after her election in 1957 as the most beautiful Italian woman in Tunisia. After World War I, there were about 90,000 Italian immigrants in Tunisia, some of whom lived in Little Sicily. The Church of St. Augustine and St. Faithful of “Little Sicily” was built between 1848 and 1872. It quickly became a place of attraction with the procession of Madonna of Trapani.

The Piccola Sicila Cultural Association has set itself the following goals:
-Promote the tangible and intangible heritage of Gulet district;
-organize various cultural and artistic events;
-Contribute to the revival of the history of the neighborhood and its multi-religious memory;
– Establish inter-social relations between La Goulette and Sicily (Italy). According to him, these goals will be achieved by organizing conferences, meetings, seminars and all other events, creating a database related to the history of the district, organizing events of all kinds (literary, musical, theatrical, cinematographic, culinary and sports). with regard to the goals of the association, cooperation and partnership with organizations, associations and bodies in Tunisia and abroad interested in the history of Little Sicily, reflections with the competent authorities (Municipality, among others) on creating a relative place of remembrance in Little Sicily and consecration in August, the day of remembrance, on the sidelines of the event of the release of Madonna.

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