Collector Cars and Richard MDV auctions will start this weekend

The next few days will be busy on the auction side. A newcomer to the market will take advantage of this first summer weekend to bid for their first auction. We look in the catalog.

First sale of Collector Cars Auctions and Richard MDV

This weekend! After the exhibition on Thursday and Friday from 10:00 to 19:00, and then on Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00, the auction will take place from 16:00. And it all happens in Villefranche-sur-Saone.

Therefore, in the hammer we find Richard Maison de Vente. For automotive experts, since it can’t be invented, it happens on the side of collectible car auctions. The organization revolves around Marion Quesnay, who runs the life of this department of old cars, and Arno Focona, who has already worked in the recognized auction houses in the world of old cars.

And for this premiere, Collector Cars Auctions collected a variety of cars, both by definition and by price: 26 cars and 50 lots of cars.

5 sleeping jaguars

These five cars are there, we have already talked about them. Fabien went to see how they came out of the darkness. Exiting the garage is more than exiting the barn, which he describes here:

Since then, these cars have been tested, and we know more. Please note that they have all been stored for many years and will need complete repairs before they can return to the road.

Honor the oldest, the 1.5-liter Jaguar SS. This car from 1938 has already been restored in the past and has a good patina. It is estimated at 20 to 30,000 euros.

We drive in 1953 with the Jaguar XK120 “Drophead Coupé” (therefore convertible) in the SE specification. It has also been restored in the past and has its own original engine and color. It is estimated at 60 to 90,000 euros.

In 1962 we find the Jaguar Mk X 3.8 liter, the original French with automatic transmission and there are also many restorations in the past. It is estimated at 8 to 12,000 euros.

Then we reach 1964 and the Jaguar Type E 4.2L. There was an old restoration again. However, the estimate is quite low: from 40 to 60,000 euros.

The last of the batch, the XJ12 6L from Insigna, is the most beautiful of the special vehicles, which has already ridden well and was the last to be stopped. It is estimated at 8 to 16,000 euros.

Our choice of car

The catalog does not stop at these Jaguars. We will add our small selection to Collector Cars Auctions.

The first of these cars, which we have already presented to you: BMW 320/6. This perfect roadster in perfect condition is priced from 17 to 23,000 euros.

BMW 320 E21 05550 copy -

Let’s start with the Ferrari 512 TR 1992. Red car with black upholstery, with distribution, but otherwise in excellent condition. It is estimated at 120 to 160,000 euros.

Another very sporty young man and rare, the Volkswagen New Beetle RSI, a 2001 car, released in 250 copies and in high demand. It is estimated at 55 to 75,000 euros.

We continue the selection of a Honda S800 Coupe since 1968. This engine was restored 15 years ago and received a stainless steel exhaust. In excellent condition, it is estimated at 15 to 20,000 euros.

We end with two Italians. First Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider 1965. After much work in recent years, this car is valued at 60 to 80,000 euros. Then the 1969 Fiat 500L Discoverable with a quality restoration and an estimate of 12 to 15,000 euros.

3 lots of cars

The car side is a choice. We have selected three items from the Collector Cars Auctions sale. In fact, these are three examples of a series of objects.

First Normal Traction 11, a toy measuring 42 by 16 cm. Its feature? Its origin: toys André Citroën! The catalog offers several, this one costs from 300 to 500 euros.

We continue the signs, here is a metal plate of several parts, including bibendum 80 × 80 cm and letters 40 × 40 cm. Everything is estimated at 200 to 400 euros.

Finally, rally plaques. Prices vary depending on the event and allow you to plunge back into the missing races! It is about 150 to 200 euros.

Want to see more? The whole catalog is there.

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