Comb or brush: which tool to choose according to hair type?

Depending on your hair type, you do not style your hair the same, but take care of it differently. Some hair is also easier to untangle than others, and you don’t always need the same tools. So what to choose between a brush or a comb? Let’s sum up.

Why use a brush or comb?

For a healthy mane, you need to comb your hair.

  • Using a brush

The brush removes dirt and dust that we have accumulated on the hair throughout the day. Therefore, it is very important to comb your hair, for example, before bedtime.

Also, the brush allows you to evenly distribute sebum along the length, moisturize them (and avoid this too greasy effect at the level of the scalp). This helps, in particular, to stimulate the scalp to increase blood circulation and, consequently, promote hair growth.

Finally, its main purpose is to tame our mane and untangle our hair.

  • Using a comb

The comb is often used to untangle knots in the hair without damaging them.

It is also ideal for creating more complex hairstyles and parting strands. To braid baby braids, for example, it is best to use a comb.

Brush or comb: what to choose?

In fact, the brush can be used for most hair types. “Brushes should be preferred regardless of the nature of the hair, because it untangles the hair more gently and carefully,” explains Gianni Copa from the hairdressing salon R Factory in Paris. It is especially ideal for thin or thick, straight or wavy hair. Of course, it is important to choose the right type of brush that is right for your hair. People with thin hair will not use the same brush as those with thick hair.

  • Comb for curly, frizzy and curly hair

However, if you have curly or curly hair, you will prefer a comb. And not everyone: a comb with wide teethto avoid damaging this already fragile hair type.

“The comb is also ideal for curly hair during the procedure. When the product sets, we untangle it before rinsing with a comb, ”the expert points out.

Brush and comb: good gestures you need to know

Not all brushes and combs are created the same … and do not have the same function. Using the wrong type of brush or comb can damage your hair.

That’s why it’s important to learn before buying a hair tool. Gianni Copa recommends that he use a brush with natural bristles (boar type), with soft spines, “to untangle well and facilitate the absorption of care.”

Right? “Start from the tip to the root to untangle, not the other way around. This avoids the formation of knots and facilitates unraveling, “he advises.

As for combs, it is better to choose a horny crest or wood, not plastic. The thinner your hair, the more it is recommended to use a comb with small teeth… and vice versa.

If you can use a comb on wet hair during treatment, do not do it with a brush, for fear of breaking the hair. Also, be careful not to comb your hair too vigorously so as not to damage it.

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