Concerts from July 3 in L’Aigle. Sundays under the plane trees and a new season with a new cultural director

Sundays begin on Sunday, July 3 (© La Jarry)

The health crisis never left Sunday under the plane trees on the carpet. “In 2020, we managed to save the month of August and the public responded,” he recalls Charlene Foxcultural assistant in The city of L’Aigle (Orne).

This year, the city’s culture department has prepared a program that is “eclectic, rhythmic, festive, danceable and popular at the same time.” Charlene Renard confirms.

During these nine concerts over two months, the public will be able to listen to bands with very different styles, from French rock to blues, rockabilly, French brass band, folk-celtic ball, pop music… There will also be comebacks. of Norman sea shanties, and as a final meeting we will have a musical and comedy show that will hyphenate the 2022-2023 cultural season.

Charlene FoxCultural assistant

Also on the program is the group Telescope des Aiglons by David Vallée and Angelique Warocki.

Program for your next Sunday

Sunday, July 3, La Jarry, French rock.

Sunday, July 10, The Cactus Candies, rockabilly.

Sunday, July 17, Les Ducs, French brass band.

Sunday, July 24, Cap Ouest, Song of the Channel Sea.

Sunday 31 July Plank Fire, Balfolk Celtic.

Sunday, August 7, Quija Trio, French songs.

Sunday, August 14, telescope, French pop music.

Sunday, August 21, Quentin Winter, blues.

Sunday, August 28, Trico Combo, a musical and comedy show.

The actor and director becomes the director of culture

Summer has barely begun, as we are already thinking about the upcoming cultural season 2022-2023, which will mark the arrival of Grigory Barko as Cultural Director of L’Aigle, replacing Miriam Legendre.

“It’s a different profile because culture in L’Aigle will take a new turn with the upcoming opening of the cultural complex Risle en scène. Gregory Barko is an actor and director who recently directed the adaptation of Peter Shaffer’s Black Comedy starring Arthur Juno and Virginie Lemoine.

At the Avignon festival in July, Gregory Barko resides in Goville. “Of course, this is not the only argument, but knowing that he knows the territory and the expectations of the public is an advantage that attracted us,” admits Charlene Renard.

Of course, without preparing it, the new director of culture will be responsible for organizing the next cultural season.

Video: Now on Actu

It will again be a season largely outside the walls, with the help of the municipality of Aubé in particular, to whom I thank for hosting us during this period while we waited for Risle to open on stage. However, we are in a hurry to return to the normal situation, because, as we can see from the attendance figures, some eagle-eyed public is hardly moving.

Charlene Fox

The assistant has revealed the framework of this upcoming season, which will have a good idea of ​​​​variety and beautiful surprises. Apart from the comedian Jean-Baptiste Lecaplain, the audience will be treated to a concert by the eagle group Les Mégots, and in the first part, a group of students from Dolto College Les Françoises.

Also on the program, in no particular order, from the classical theater to the Salle Michaux during the week for schoolchildren, the boulevard theater with Arthur Yugnofilm concert at the L’Aiglon cinema fromNormandy Regional Orchestra, as a farewell to the structure. To meet happiness, La Grande Sophie and Olifan concerts, L’Aigle en scène amateur theater festival, fairy tale festival and outdoor exhibition. All this, of course, will be developed in detail in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, Sundays under the plane trees await you from July 3 to August 28 at 5:00 p.m. under the plane trees on Eugene Pasquis Square.

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