Consumers are avoiding, the price of crabs is falling in the Primorsky region

Poissoniere manager Arseno Fish store, in Nigada, Jason Boucher admits that his customers were very surprised and disappointed by the high price of this year’s snow crab. According to him, many consumers have decided to go their own way.

Jason Boucher, Arseno Poisson Fish Market Manager in Nigada

Photo: Radio Canada

Customers thought it was very expensive because the product we just have in the sea near our househe says.

He explains that when the goods arrived at the fish market, the asking price was $ 28.95 per pound for a boiled crab. In Gaspez, the price was as high as $ 33 a pound.

We can say that this is a very luxurious product. »

The quote h Jason Bausche, Poissonnerie Arseneau fish market manager

Many customers find it difficult to understand these prices.

200 à 300livres de crabe, on en vendait peut-être le tiers, parce que les consommateurs ne pouvaient se le permettre”,”text”:”Les ventes n’étaient pas autant que d’habitude. Si on avait vendu auparavant200 à 300livres de crabe, on en vendait peut-être le tiers, parce que les consommateurs ne pouvaient se le permettre”}}”>Sales were not as large as usual. If we used to sell 200 to 300 pounds of crab, we sold maybe a third because consumers couldn’t afford it.explains Jason Boucher.

La Poissonnerie du Creek, in Caracas, New Brunswick

Photo: Radio-Canada / Rene Landry

In fish shops, prices are falling

Snow crab prices offered to local buyers are expected to fall in the coming days. It is already available at the Poissonnerie Arseneau fish market in Nigada.

After $ 28.95 a pound reduced to $ 22.95, the whole crab is now selling for $ 16.95 a pound on Monday at this fish market.

Today the crab fell a little, which is really great for customerssays Jason Boucher, who hopes his customers in the region will finally be able to taste this crustacean.

In Caracas, the Poissonnerie du Creek on Tuesday sells a whole boiled crab for $ 16.95 a pound, about three dollars less than in the last few days.

The owner of the Moncton fish market in Moncton Louis Leje is delighted with falling prices for crabs and lobsters. The explosion in prices in recent weeks was unheard of for him.

The price of crab also recently fell at the Moncton fish market in the southeast of the province. The fish market shows the same price for a whole crab as in the north of the province, and also offers crab per section, which has risen in price from $ 29.99 to $ 24.99 per pound.

Owner Louis Leger says he also sells his seafood to about 500 restaurants in three coastal provinces and elsewhere, but adds that orders are still shy.

A drop is needed to stimulate the industry

Gilles Terio, President of the New Brunswick Crab Processors Association (archive)

Photo: Radio Canada / Nicholas Steinbach

Gilles Terio, a fisheries consultant and president of the New Brunswick Crab Processors Association, needed adjustments.

The high price of recent days has reduced demand for crabs. Processors are nervous because they can’t sell their crab. Buyers, such as restaurants or fish sellers, are timid and decide to liquidate their stocks before buying new goods.

The crab doesn’t move, we can’t sell our crab! »

The quote h Gilles Therio, president of the New Brunswick Crab Processors Association

Usually you buy a crab and resell it right away, but in this case it didn’t happen this year, so we were a little nervous, but we think there are hints that it will move, with Mother’s Day approaching.he said.

The price offered by fishermen is decreasing

Some movements in the snow crab industry are also expected in the coming days. On Tuesday, Gilles Terio confirmed that the price per pound offered to fishermen had just fallen by one dollar.

$ et de 7,75$. Parce qu’on n’arrivait pas à écouler le crabe quand le prix était de 8,25$ et 8,75$. C’était simplement trop élevé pour le marché,”,”text”:”Le prix aux pêcheurs est maintenant de 7,25$ et de 7,75$. Parce qu’on n’arrivait pas à écouler le crabe quand le prix était de 8,25$ et 8,75$. C’était simplement trop élevé pour le marché,”}}”>Now the price for fishermen is 7.25 and 7.75 dollars. Because we couldn’t sell the crab when the price was $ 8.25 and $ 8.75. It was too high for the market, – he explains.

He adds that this price applies to the entire industry in New Brunswick, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

The season for snow crab fishermen in the Seaside and Quebec began on April 13 this year.

Photo: Radio-Canada / YVES LEVESQUE

Gilles Therio expects that this reduction in prices for fishermen will be enough. The next few days will determine whether global demand will grow.

Everyone has to find their account in this story. It should be interesting and profitable for fishermen, it should be profitable for processors and it should be profitable for people who sell to retailers.he said.

According to Mathieu Papillon, Michel Brido and Rene Landry

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