Crab team: a new challenge for Castret sports jeweler Luc Atget

Breaking the taboo, this is a new challenge for Luc Atje, who has recently been battling this disease. Endowed with an iron will, excellent physical training, he wants to unite patients through gentle sports meetings.

Rank challenges are inevitable. Crab Team is an activity suggested by Luc Atze on his Facebook page Lucathlon (

Jeweler Luc Atze, a well-known Castro native, wants to “break the taboo around cancer”, which he recently suffered from, by encouraging other patients to join him in light walks.

He learned of his illness shortly after returning from Lapland, where, aged 60, he was the only Frenchman to complete the Artic Ultra 2022, 503km in 194 hours and 10 years in extremely cold Swedish Lapland (our March 17 edition). Recognized: the term is selected. Because nothing, no suffering – only severe fatigue associated with a recent drive – did not indicate a serious health concern. “I made an appointment with my doctor because he advised me, despite the fact that I do sports, to undergo an examination. The result, unfortunately, quickly fell. Luc Atze took it in stride: “A polyp in the large intestine and a tumor on the kidney, a tumor that enters the vena cava, a blood clot. That day your life will fall apart. It will be necessary to open as high as possible, up to the tumor. And then you tell yourself that you’re not sure you’ll come back. »

Standing one day after the first operation

After returning from Lapland on March 19, the jeweler underwent the first operation on April 19. According to specialists at Rangueil Hospital, Luke’s kidney had not been functioning for at least five years, so removing it was not a problem. The next day after this intervention, the patient was standing in the shower. Three days later he was walking down the hall. Phenomenon!

The second operation took place on July 18. Don’t wait. Two operations were to be performed within three months. “During every operation, two surgeons told me I was superhuman,” Luke says proudly. Ultratrailer promotes resilience and faster healing. The attitude to pain is extraordinary. It’s true that we have the ability to distance ourselves from pain, like when we’re grinding our teeth in the middle of the desert, with sand covering a blister and miles to go! »

It has been eight weeks since the athlete from Castro was operated on. He looks good, his face is noticeably…calm. “I have no pain, no treatment, no medicine, I am very lucky. For now, this is just an operation. He is recuperating at his retreat in La Collier with his wife and children. “We’re all together, all four of us working,” says Natalie. “It’s a bit like a race where they follow Dad on a GPS device in the pack ice,” adds Luke.

Mont Ventoux next June

Even in intensive care Luke Hamberge. “After the second operation, I watched the Tour de France, in particular an interview with the amateur athlete Christophe Zenoni, who promised himself that if he survived cancer, he would cycle Mont Ventoux. And he did it with his surgeon! »

Du Luc again: leaving the hospital, he looked for and found Christophe Zenoni’s contact. They talked on the phone for an hour. Illness, sports, so many common points for conversation. Since then, “you have to go for it with La Team du crabe”! The group effect did not take long. The activity integrated the Lucathlon website into Facebook. “You are no longer alone, you are no longer isolated. “And the trailer is already a project: Mont Ventoux by bike, next June, with Christophe Zenoni from Gram and the sick from Montpellier. “In a year, I intend to wear sneakers again. The goal after, Youkon 2025, 700 km with other ambitions that I would have before the disease… My dream: that the sick cling to the group to forget and overcome the disease. It motivates me, I feel like I’m doing something useful and generous with the chance I have. »

always in doubt about people’s reactions

Crab team. Pure Luke. “That’s good of you! Reflections from all his sportsman friends, his relatives. To which he replies, “To do something, it must be this! Now I realize that we don’t realize that we meet sick people going through chemotherapy, especially at work. So why not an association? But always with doubts about the reaction of people. »
A sports friend, Patrick, an ultra runner, immediately joined. “It can help unite cancer patients, interest them in the desire to do sports to fight the disease, not to feel alone,” Luke believes. A walk, a walk of any length, cycling, a swimming pool, light sports for a quarter of an hour, half an hour… “With certainty, as doctors assure, that in good condition, the body participates in healing, insists Castrese. Because the sports body is used to self-repair. The “Crab” team has no age restrictions, but the conditions are: to have a mobile phone, a cap, a bottle of water and something to snack on (sugar, fruit paste).

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