Cult Of The Lamb: Callamar Boss Guide


Squid is the third bishop Old faith in the worship of the Lamb, and today one of the most difficult to win. Kallamar has some of them aspects of bullet hell There are currently more bosses in this game. Players should make sure they learn dodge in time before facing Callamar. He’s also one of the first bosses to use fireballs and melee attacks, which can make him extremely difficult to learn.

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This guide will help players understand how Callamar’s bullet attacks work. It will also help the players to understand him close range attacks and when they can come to take the shots.



The first phase

The basic moves Callamar will use in his first phase will range from short to long range. Here’s a list of his moves and what to do with them:

  • Callamar will call crab-like enemies.
    • These enemies are beautiful slow and can be a pain to remove.
    • Therefore, they can stand in the way of this struggle if there is a time when players can remove a part for make roomthis is a big help.
  • He will pull a little a circle of fireballs among the players.
    • This is one of his easiest moves with fireball projectiles and possible easy to dodgebut Callamar will sometimes try to ambush the player, so be careful.
    • After shooting him, the player can enter and get some hits.
  • Pull a a ton of fireballs which are aimed at the player with a thick line, like a machine gun.
    • When he uses this move with thd fireballs that hit the player directly, then the player must run and dodge the edge of the map not to touch
    • At the end of this move, players should have a discovery get hit
  • Callamar will fire a circle fireballs around him.
    • There are so many easier to dodge as the player can dodge them and walk right up to the boss to land a few hits.
  • He will be run after the player from his sword up and release it only when you are near the reader.
    • The player must time their Dodge until the movement is about to sound.
    • It may be hard to dodge but if the player dodges, they can deal damage to the boss immediately afterwards.

Phase two

Callamar will take much more based on distance in his the second form. Here’s what to expect and how to deal with it:

  • Squid goes wild shotgun rounds fireballs around him.
    • This movement can be very hard to dodge.
    • Players must find an opening in a move and stick to it until the move is completed.
    • When Callamar is over he goes with this move shoot two more rounds of fireballs around him, but they are easily dodged and the lamb can get a hit or two on him.
  • Callamar will start attacking with his dagger.
    • Dagger a little easier to dodge than his sword, but it is a the plot rather.
    • Try hitting it once, then back off, rinse and repeat; hit and run works well against a dagger.
  • He will start convene more crab demon-like things.
    • If the players can kill them fast So do it; they can do it hard move map and make it harder to dodge Callamar’s fireballs.
  • Players must take this fight slowly as it is not many combo possibilities.

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