Cycling: Simon Pello “completely gone out and stopped”


The cyclist from Valais, who is expected to become one of the leaders of the 75th Tour de Romandi, which starts on Tuesday, was forced to give up. A number of health problems prevent him from pedaling at his own pace this season.

The return to the formation of the World Tour (Trek-Segafredo) is not going as planned for Vale cyclist Simon Pello, who had health problems.

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Simon Pello’s legs were shaking as he imagined his annual tour of the Tour de Romandi, which begins on Tuesday. Especially on his Vala, the roads crossed the following Saturday, during the queen’s stage between Egle and Zinal.

Despite the contested 2021 edition with almost no audience, his fan club wore it during the mountain stage in Valais last year. He finished chilled in the snowy Thyon 2000, having spent much of the stage in isolation. “I recently noticed the movie” Romon “in the 2022 edition, where I was supposed to play card, but due to fatigue I had to shorten the walk,” sighs the 29-year-old cyclist. Because after two hours of cycling, I got the impression that I had made a trip to Paris-Roubaix in one day! ”

This week, Valasan tried several more workouts with lead-heavy legs. “I fell ill during the Basque Country Tour (In early April) and I drag my misfortune, not really understanding what is happening to me, explains the adventurer. I stopped completely and went out completely. The rejection of the Tour de Romandie was a coup, but my body told me to stop! ”

It is bronchitis that contracted at the beginning of the month, forcing him to ignore his trials, but the evil is much deeper. “I got sick five times after Christmas, which is rare for me,” said the cyclist from Chemin. Maybe it’s the consequences of Covid, which I picked up this season, because it’s impossible to have such an immune defense! ”

Crushed vertebra

As if the misfortune did not last long enough, the chain of these diseases was accompanied by a problem with the vertebrae, which prevented him in recent weeks. “I have a slightly crushed vertebra, which makes me suffer from pressure on the nerve in the buttocks,” says the Swiss in a voice full of disorder. There was pain associated with the fall two years ago.

“I’ve been working hard all these last years to get this place on the World Tour, and I haven’t been able to travel there at my level or have fun.”

Simon Pello, Swiss cyclist

Therefore, the signals are numerous and forced the Valaisans to step on the ground at the worst time. He, of course, wanted to take part in the French-speaking cycle with his new T-shirt from the American team Trek-Segafredo and even kept hoping to get to the Giro, which he so cherishes. “I’ve worked hard all these years to get this place on the World Tour, and I haven’t been able to travel at my level or enjoy all these health problems,” he said. .

The former Androni driver (second division) had to go through the necessary stages of acclimatization and adaptation to the elite: training, equipment, but also a radically different way of running. But he did not plan the tiles that interfered.

In April last year, Simon Pello returned to the roads of Valais, here during the first stage between Egle and Martigny.

In April last year, Simon Pello returned to the roads of Valais, here during the first stage between Egle and Martigny.

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Next week, Valeysan will be an attentive spectator for his team, as well as the Swiss national cycling team, which allowed him to stand out in recent years on the Romandi cycle, including the T-shirt of this best climber won in 2019.

“I was almost relieved by the real break, and I still couldn’t pass the Tour de Romandi while staying in the back of the peloton,” breathes the king of tears. I will use the month of May to rejuvenate myself and I will return to the Tour de Suisse. I will take revenge on fate, and it will be bloody! ”

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