Cyril Fero faced a blinding form of cancer, a revelation about a personal drama

The star of the France 3 channel, Cyril Fero, will face a shocking cancer, an unpleasant disease that took his father a few years ago, a personal drama that is difficult to overcome.

After France Dimanche, it was the turn of the magazine France Matin to worry about the presenter, linking his name to cancer.

But in the inside pages, the concern subsides as the sudden disappearance of Daniel Levy, already mentioned by France Dimanche, is mentioned again, prompting the host to react. The one who is officially single has seen red.

On his Instagram page, he expressed a bad taste in his mouth, expressing regret that the magazine assumed that he was the victim of the dreaded crab.
“They are actually talking about the tragic disappearance of Daniel Levy. We may know the gist of such a journal, but it is still traumatic. Daniel Levy’s thoughts,” he wrote. He seemed shocked.

Cancer was also mentioned after the host of Slam complained about the disappearance of a relative of Carlos Simoes, one of the directors of fetishes on the small screen.
The man was also close to Ophelia Meunier, who paid tribute to him on Instagram.
“We will miss you. It’s unreal to be gone at 43, swept away by this damn cancer in a few months, what a wonderful person you were Carlos? “, commented the star of the small screen before praising the talent and kindness of the late TV professional.

“I feel great sadness,” Cyril Fero responded for his part. The Treasure Maps family is in mourning. Carlos, our director has flown. Sweet, kind, talented, we could only love him. Big thoughts to his daughter and his family.

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