Death of Jean-Louis Trintinian, portrait of a loner

I’m not at war. I let it be. In the summer of 2018, actor Jean-Louis Trintinian, announcing that he refuses treatment, “old and blind” as he described himself, let the crab finish devouring him. After the death of Marie, his adored daughter, on August 1, 2003, under the blows of a companion, the actor, devastated, inconsolable, was weakened. Marie, her greatest happiness has been her greatest suffering. After waking up for months, Jean-Louis Trintinian wanted to end it. Before drawing the resources to live again, the still persecuted Marie, her ” bird warmth “, him” scary heart “.

From the childhood of Jean-Louis Trintinian, in the delicacy of happiness, ” not spoiled by optimism “I often thought about suicide. He was born on December 11, 1930, in Piolenca, a village in Vaucluse, in the family of an industrial father, the mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprie and General Councilor Garou, as well as his mother, who was shaved during the liberation. A resident of Avignon, he suffocates and dreams of escape. The desire to become an actor came to him one evening when he saw the play by Charles Dallin Stingy at the Aix-en-Provence Theater.

Too sensitive, shy, he plays headlong

He “rise” in Paris. With pathological shyness endowed with a strong southern accent that he will try to erase, too sensitive, he plays upside down. In TNP, cornered by Jean Villar, he admires Gerard Philippe. The theater will remain its real base. But it is in the film, which he enters without envy, pushed by his agent, is an intriguing actor, chosen, he says, because he “ attractive His performance against Brigitte Bardot in And God created woman, author Roger Vadim, overflows the screen. Embarrassed that he is the prey of the paparazzi, he can not get rid of life with this sex symbol, which gets in the headlines.

The sleek face and sobriety of his acting characterize the roles offered to him by the directors: sentimental pilot in Man and woman (Claude Lelouch), inflexible little judge WITH (Costa Gavras), a Catholic Jansenist faced with the desire of My night at Maud (Eric Romer), a fascist inConformist (Bernardo Bertolucci), whom he interprets, with clenched, tense jaws to hide the pain and rebellion from the loss of Paula, his first daughter, at the age of ten months, while filming in Rome.

Like many actors of the time, he made a career in Italy in the films of Valerio Zurlini, Dino Rizzi, Sergio Corbucci, Ettore Scoli. But the transalpine public will never hear his voice. Jean-Louis Trintinian doubles.

Voice, radiance of melancholy, sweetness of a smile

What will be left of Jean-Louis Trintinian, a man with 180 roles? Voice, deep, monotonous, addictive and enchanting. Strong presence, shrouded in ambiguity, muted temptation, restraint that did not exclude outbreaks of violence, the sophistication of the game, the brilliance of melancholy, the sweetness of a smile, the manner of staying away like a lone cat. . ” Dostoevsky actor. It has areas of light and darkness, the struggle between angel and demon – summed up Eric Romer. The taste for risk is also on the screen, as in life. A poker player for his concentration and anger, a car racer for the sensual pleasure of speed and experiencing limits. Alcohol and drugs at a certain time. He was also used to destroying his love and friendship.

Like all depressed people, Jean-Louis Trintinian was regularly tempted to give up. He continued to say goodbye. Before returning, it is better to announce that he is stopping. So in recent years we have seen him in the movies (for Mikael Haneke, Claude Lelouch) and on stage for great poetry shows, his source of life in the face of difficulties, deploying Apollinaire, Aragon, Vian, Prever, his economical effects, with depth, accuracy, steady and predominant emotions.

Few were deceived by his fame, belittling his talents

Mysterious, mysterious, ironic and subtle man, polite and impenetrable, fragile and determined, inconsistent in choosing a profession (refuses calls from the United States, proposals from Coppola and Spielberg), prefers small films. Slightly deceived by his fame, belittling his talents, Jean-Louis Trintinian lived away from the world with former rally champion (Marianne Hepfner) on his property near Oise, in the middle of his vineyardMarena red) and its olive trees. In recent years, the old man, vulnerable to the eyes of the eternal young man, he seemed to ask for a reprieve from death. With dignity. As always.


Multiple lives

He was born on December 11, 1930 in Piolenc (Vaucluse)

1951: debuts in the theater

1956: And God created womanRoger Vadim

1966: Man and womanby Claude Lelouch Golden Palm Branch and Oscar

1969: WITHCosta Gavras, prize for interpretation at the Cannes Film Festival

1969: My night at MaudEric Romer

1970: ConformistBernardo Bertolucci

1980: Driver of the 24-hour Le Mans

1983: Long live Sunday!Francois Truffaut

1984: Participates in the Monte Carlo Rally

1994: Three colors: redKrzysztof Keslowski and Watch Men Fall, Jacques Odiar

2003: Poèmes à Lou show with his daughter Marie

August 2003: Marie’s death

2011: show Three libertarian poets: Boris Vian, Jacques Prever and Robert Desno

2012: LoveMichael Haneke, Golden Palm Branch and Oscar, Cesar for Best Actor

2019: The best years of lifeClaude Lelouch


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