DIRECT. War in Ukraine: Kyiv is bombing Russian positions in the Kherson region


Macron soon in Kiev?

According to our information, Emmanuel Macron plans to visit the Ukrainian capital next Wednesday. The presidential trip comes after the probable trip of the head of state to Romania to visit almost 500 soldiers stationed there as part of Operation Eagle. It is an operation launched during Russia’s attack on Ukraine to “calm down” NATO’s eastern countries.


Orban says Russia’s gas embargo will destroy Europe’s economy

For Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, imposing an embargo on Russian gas will “destroy all of Europe.” “The European Union is financing the war,” Victor Orban said, adding that “peace financing” is needed to curb inflation.


A replacement McDonald’s logo has been introduced

The fast food chain, which replaced the American McDonald’s in Russia, has introduced its new logo. The circle and the two lines that appear on it represent a hamburger and two french fries. The name of this new channel is still unknown.


Kyiv is bombing Russian positions in the Kherson region

The Ukrainian army has said it has struck at Russian positions in the Kherson region of southern Ukraine, a region almost entirely controlled by Russian troops or Kyiv.

“Our Air Force struck at positions of the Russian Federation, objects of concentration of equipment and personnel and warehouses in five settlements of the Kherson region,” the General Staff of the Armed Forces said on Facebook on Friday.

Almost the entire Kherson region, including the regional capital, has been occupied by Russian troops since the first days of the Russian invasion, which began on February 24.


According to Kyiv, 32,000 Russian soldiers were killed

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that Russia lost almost 32,000 people in the fighting.

This figure, put forward by Kyiv, is probably inflated, according to the American news agency Bloomberg.


According to the governor of Luhansk region, “fierce fighting continues on the streets of Severodonetsk.”

“The whole of Luhansk region was the object of intense fire. Fierce fighting continues on the streets of Severodonetsk, “Luhansk Oblast Governor Serhiy Haidai said in a statement published in the Telegram on Friday.


Cholera cases have been reported in Mariupol, London reports

According to the British Ministry of Defense, “isolated cases of cholera have been registered” in Mariupol. The city is threatened by the “Great Cholera Epidemic”, according to the United Kingdom.


Canada has frozen 91 million euros in Russian assets

Canadian police say they have frozen about 91 million euros in Russian assets since the conflict began on February 24. “Transactions are roughly equivalent [214 millions d’euros] were blocked due to bans on special economic measures against Russia, “the Canadian police said in a statement.


“We have almost run out of ammunition,” says Ukraine

According to The Guardian, Ukraine will soon run out of ammunition. “From now on, everything is based on something [l’Occident] gives us, “said Vadym Skibitsky, a representative of Ukrainian military intelligence.


Putin draws a parallel with Tsar Peter the Great

The head of the Kremlin compared his policy to that of Tsar Peter the Great, when the latter fought against Sweden, invading part of its territory, as well as Finland, part of Estonia and Latvia.

“We have just visited an exhibition dedicated to the 350th anniversary of Peter the Great. It’s strange, but almost nothing has changed. (…) Peter the Great fought the Great Northern War for 21 years. It was as if he had seized something in the battle with Sweden. He didn’t have anything, he was going through it, “Vladimir Putin said.

According to Kyiv, between 100 and 200 Ukrainian servicemen die every day


Rally for a French journalist

A rally in honor of journalist Frederick Leclerc-Imhoff, who died in Ukraine, will be held in Paris this Friday at the request of the RSF. His body was repatriated Wednesday night.

Julien De Rosa / Pool via REUTERS


Soldiers “hold on”

In his now daily video, the Ukrainian president reports that “Severodonetsk, Lysychansk and other cities in Donbass, which the occupiers now consider their goals, are holding on.” The day before, he explained that the battle in Severodonetsk was one of the most difficult since the beginning of the war.


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