Disney + makes the MCU timeline even more confusing with Dr. Strange 2

Disney + has announced its official place in the history of the Marvel cinematic universe Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness, and this made phase 4 even more confusing. The strange doctor the sequel, in which Benedict Cumberbatch returned as the titular magician, was released in cinemas on May 6, 2022. Although there were several episodes of other Marvel actors and characters in the film, they mostly took place in an alternate universe. , so it didn’t make sense. given the time when this film takes place within the broader framework of the MCU itself, except for the fact that it apparently took place after the devastating antics of the 2021 multiverse Spider-Man: Don’t go homein which Dr. Strange starred.

The Marvel universe is known for interfering with its internal chronology. The order in which films are released in cinemas does not necessarily reflect the order in which events take place in the world of MCU. For example, between the climatic cliffhanger Fr. The Avengers: Infinity War and the last chapter Avengers: Finalboth The Ant Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel were released. Both took place before the events with Infinity Warmore The ant man took place months before Thanos Infinity War attack and Captain Marvel took place in the 90s, a decade before any of these projects. However, Captain Marvel also appears Avengers: Final, which was to come out next. Given the competing time frames and release schedules, many fans remain confused as to when certain events or movies actually took place.

Now it is Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness received by Disney +, it was added to their official MCU list in chronological order. Although this is the latest phase 4 project, except for the Disney + series Mrs. Marvel, it was changed several times in the official chronology. According to the new list, the action of the film takes place after Shang Chi and the legend of the ten rings and Eternal (no word on how Spider-Man: Don’t go home fits them, because it is not broadcast on Disney +), but earlier Hawk’s eye, Moon Knightand Mrs. Marvelin that order.

Given the fact that Hawk’s eye was a Christmas series, this probably indicates that two Mrs. Marvel and Moon Knight occur in the first months of the new year. Dr. Strange 2 was to take place somewhere in the fall. It makes sense that the events of the film did not affect these other series, as they were largely isolated in the world of Dr. Strange and his companions.

However, this official calendar is for Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness means that this is the last appearance of Wong, played by Benedict Wong. The character has already been seen Shang Chi inviting the hero to go on a whole new adventure. The fact is that Shang Chi does not appear in strange doctor or means the scene after the captions Shang Chi happened after Dr. Strange 2or the teasing events in this clip already took place at the time Dr. Strange 2 picked up. Obviously, Marvel intends to reveal the answers to these questions later, but it is clear why it is difficult for fans to keep track of the exact order of events.

Source: Disney +

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