Drum Crab is a 1976 film

September 4, 2012

on DVD

1 year 55 minutes


Pierre Shendoerffer

Pierre Shendoerffer,
Pierre Shendoerffer

Jacques Perrin,
Claude Rich,
Jean Rochefort


3.6 377 reviews, including 44 reviews

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The Joregiberry, a warship, is making its final voyage to the North Atlantic under the command of its captain, a sick man who knows he is doomed to cancer. On board, Dr. Pierre helps him as best he can. Sometimes the commander invites him to dinner in his cabin. It is there that he evokes the image of Wilsdorf, a former comrade-in-arms in Indochina and Algeria. The commander knows that Wilsdorf, who became a fisherman, sails near Newfoundland aboard a trawler. He hopes to see him for the last time before his death. A beautiful nostalgic film, sometimes bitter, like the character of Jacques Dufil, about the unbreakable bonds of friendship associated with war.

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Actors and actresses

Jacques Perrin

Claude Rich

Role: Pierre, doctor

Jean Rochefort

Jacques Duffil

Full cast and technical team

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There is little laughter or meanness in this atypical and wonderful picture. The sequence of scenes is as strong and often tragic as it is beautiful. Images of magical times and the world, portraits of people of honor, those who live from the old continent, those who survived the end of the empire, despite themselves, after forming France and Europe. This is just my idea of ​​this sea world, completely foreign to me, the man of the land that I am, the man …

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Before becoming a military cameraman, P. Schondoerfer was a sailor, and “Drum Crab” – one of the most beautiful films made about the sea and the lives of sailors. Swimming on the high seas is a natural metaphor for very proper isolation. heartbeat of the French army after the coup of generals. The director finds them very touching, never giving motives …

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Published on October 4, 2018

Made a serious look. But at the moment it’s almost ridiculous. With the exception of Jacques Perrin, who shows the same silly smile for 2 hours, all the actors pull out the faces of the excavators with such persistence that they eventually become artificial. Serious dialogues and stern faces, why not. But first we must revive history. And that, Le Crabe Tambour is unable.

P. de Melun

P. de Melun

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Published on January 13, 2018

“Drum Crab” causes long yawns. The script reconstructs sections of the memoirs of French soldiers (three of whom accompany the squadron) around a character they all knew and admired for his charisma. It may be beautiful, but the lack of purpose in this search for memories makes the film soporific, and it’s hard to be completely interested in it. Some beautiful pictures …

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  • Helmut Tupi

    Very good photo, impressive and never competed, as far as I know. But then this crazy homosexual romanticism …

  • Helmut Tupi

    Strange film, slow and noticeably talkative, very uneven, beautiful in appearance (atmosphere and sea photo), but then completely failed in terms of plot. What did the director want to reveal? Aspects of the general coup? Not even, the thing is painted. Decolonization? He is being flown. No, I think it’s just a homosexual story for homosexuals; there may be two or three point answers, if we, like our official heroes, are not obsessed with the best plan Q of our lives, then we are very bored. Homosexuals and alcoholics in the army? Let’s talk about the scoop …

  • Mr. Piggy

    a bit long, a bit soft, without rhythm, but a pleasant film is still preserved by the interpretations of the 4 main actors. A puzzle movie in the form of memories or 3 officers tell each other their memories of the 4th (the famous Crab Tambour), we are patiently waiting for the end, hoping for a result that justifies this long wait … but nothing remains. Beautiful images and 4-star cast.

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