Each Marvel character who owned Captain America’s shield at MCU

Warning: spoilers for Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness

Captain America’s Shield is a consecrated weapon of war for Steve Rogers, but a few characters from Marvel Cinematic Universe also used it. Throughout his time at the MCU, Captain America’s shield had different versions and varied. After starting his career as a superhero with a flimsy accessory provided by USO, Steve’s shield received a massive upgrade thanks to some rare and powerful Wakanda metals known as vibranium.

The traditional Captain’s Shield was created by Howard Stark during World War II and used by Steve during his missions during that time. The shield was lost for almost 70 years because it was frozen along with Captain America. After Steve was found and thawed, his solid shield accompanied him again when he became the Avenger and began working with SHIELD. Subsequent adventures of Captain America showed that he dropped the shield at the end Captain America: Civil War and do not restore it earlier Avengers: Final. It was in the latter that Thanos tore down the cult shield, but the old Captain America returned the undamaged version to the main chronology of the MCU.

Although Captain America’s shield is rare, it is a common item that can be used by anyone at the end of the day. The user is not given the special powers or requirements necessary for its use, as is the case with the hammer of Thor, Mölnir. As a result, Captain America’s shield has been used by many different characters over the decades of MCU content. Here are all the characters who owned the shield.

Captain America

It is impossible to discuss who used Captain America’s shield without mentioning the man best known for wearing it. Steve has used his original vibranium shield for many years and has seen improvements made to it. Instead of simply relying on the power of Captain America’s shield to defy the laws of physics or always make sure he returns to it, magnetic support was added earlier The Avengers: Age of Ultron. And although the Black Panther scratched the shield Captain America: Civil War and Steve left him with Iron Man at the end of that movie. Tony made it look new for what turned out to be Steve’s last mission Avengers: Final.


Sam Wilson was just a fan of Captain America when he first met Steve Rogers, but now he has been chosen to own a shield and take his friend’s torch. Falcon has not yet used the shield as often as the original Captain America, although he was going to borrow it for a moment in a remote scene with Captain America: Civil War. Instead, his first time holding the shield properly was at the end Avengers: Final. And of course, Falcon and winter soldier I saw Sam train a lot with his new superhero accessory as soon as he adopted it.

winter soldier

Bucky Barnes will not replace Captain America at MCU, but he has already used the shield more than anyone but Steve. Bucky held the shield in defense during a World War II mission that ended in his presumed death. Bucky later held the shield again when he was known as the Winter Soldier during the battle with Captain America. One of his greatest opportunities to own a shield came when he and Steve fought together against Iron Man at the end Captain America: Civil War. Falcon and winter soldier also saw him use it with Sam.


One of the most memorable uses of Captain America’s shield, which does not come from Kep himself, belongs to Peter Parker. Debut “Spider-Man” at MCU Captain America: Civil War began with the grand entrance, when he took her shield Captain America. At the same time, Spider-Man tore off the shield of the frightened Captain America and intertwined his arms, spinning in the air and instantly adopting a classic pose. Of course, Captain America defeated the native of Queens later in a one-on-one battle.

Black widow

The Black Widow also used Captain America’s shield effectively in a previous MCU film. She picked up a shield on the street when Kep lost it The Avengers: Age of Ultron and began throwing it at him when he was locked up in a fight with a deadly robot. But the Black Widow also won the shield again in the final battle. She used Captain America’s shield to destroy some of Altron’s robots, and showed how well she knew how to possess them. The time of the Black Widow manipulating the shield ended when she threw the shield at the fleeing Captain America to deal one last blow to one of Altron’s robots.

Hawk’s eye

another moment The Avengers: Age of Ultron also saw Clint Barton demonstrate his ideal goal using Captain America’s shield. At the beginning of the film, when Altron wakes up, the killer robot wastes no time attacking the Avengers. This attack takes the team by surprise, especially since they just rested after the party, not in combat gear. While Iron Man and Thor were able to quickly obtain equipment, Captain America was knocked off his classic shield. Fortunately, Falcon’s Eye was there to grab the shield and throw it across the room toward Steve.

John Walker

John Walker, also a US agent, made his debut as a villain / antihero Falcon and winter soldier. In a move that surprised Sam and Bucky (and probably many spectators), Captain America’s shield was handed over to Walker earlier in the season because the government believes they need a new Captain America. John Walker / US Agent ends the series at a low point, losing both Shield and the title of Sam Wilson, a much more worthy opponent. But this will probably not be the last time he sees him, as Valentina Allegra of Fontaine has hired him for the Dark Avengers / Thunder team she is forming.

red witch

As in many cases when other MCU heroes used Captain America’s shield, it was used by the Red Witch in Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness It’s short, but still impressive. Instead of throwing the shield by hand in the classic way, she actually manipulates it with her levitation abilities for self-defense while fighting Captain Carter in Dr. Strange 2 adjust the limb in a cruel manner. Because Wanda uses Captain Carter’s shield, there is room for debate as to whether she actually owned Captain America’s shield or not. Anyway, the shield that the Scarlet Witch throws Dr. Strange 2 is not the same as all the other characters listed, as it is not the first to belong to Steve Rogers on Earth-616.

Captain Carter (but he was never Captain America’s shield)

Similarly, Captain Carter / Captain Britain technically used the shield in the MCU, but only his own version of the timeline. First introduced in What when…?, Captain Carter is an alternate version of Captain America. In the animated series, the story of his origins follows the same trajectory as that of Steve Rogers, until he receives the serum of a supersoldier, after which Peggy takes his place to replace him after an injury. Captain Carter’s Illuminati version Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness may have the same history of origin, but it is never fully revealed. However, she also wears the British hue of the original Star Shield, which she uses in her fight with the Scarlet Witch. Wanda eventually wins by pairing the shield with magic to cut Captain Carter in half.

Characters who held Captain America’s Shield in the MCU

Along with the characters who actually owned Captain America’s shield, others simply held it in their hands. The ant man found it for Steve Captain America: Civil War but didn’t use it, and Tony Stark returned it to Steve Avengers: Final never using it yourself. Red Skull also for a moment took it in his hands, and iron man 2 even showed Phil Coulson holding a prototype of Captain America’s shield. In all, Captain America’s shield used more characters than many spectators could have imagined mcu movies.

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