eight ideas for activities in Western zoos

On holidays or weekends, are you looking for ideas for walks that will appeal to both children and adults? And why not try the unusual entertainment offered by zoos? trips to the West, new magazine about Western France, invites you to discover eight ideas for walks to animal parks in the West.

1. Save the binturongs in escape

Binturong, sometimes called the bear cat, is one of the species sheltered in the Tregomer Zoo. | TREGOMEUR PARK ZOO

Binturong? These cousins ​​of genes live in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. They are present among the species of Tregomer Park (Côtes-d’Armor) and accompany you in a new escape game, set in early April in the heart of the park’s Vietnamese farm. During this adventure, players (over 10 years old) will have to protect these mammals from various threats. And 70% of the ticket price for the game will go to the actual preservation of the species, through the association ABConservation. In addition, aviaries for tigers, panthers and turtles were improved last winter.

Tregomer Zoo, Richard Mill. Prices: € 18, € 13 (for children 3-12 years). Escape game: 10 euros. Such. 02 96 79 01 07, zoo-tregomeur.com

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2. Go on an expedition by truck

The Planète Sauvage lifting truck in Port Saint-Pierre allows you to watch the animals up close. | STEFAN LELYUDEK

Planète Sauvage boasts the longest trail for a zoo safari in France. At the wheel of your own car or on board the park’s vehicles, go to meet symbolic animals such as elephants, rhinos, giraffes, lions … With the 4×4 raid option, you can take advantage of a two-hour visit on board with comments. truck with a bush. The park can also be visited on foot, with five different worlds. In 2022, a new wildlife area will unite lions, cheetahs, and now Malaysian tigers.

wild planet, La Chevalerie, in Port-Saint-Pierre (Loire-Atlantique). Prices: 27.50 euros, 21 euros (from 3 to 12 years). 4×4 raid option: 10.50 euros (adults), 7.50 euros (children). Such. 02 40 04 82 82, planetesauvage.com

3. Run faster than a giraffe?

At the Due la Fontaine Biopark, a treadmill invites visitors to measure their pace with the pace of different animals. | SABOT BIOPARK

In the crater of predators, a treadmill encourages visitors to measure their pace. Are they running faster than an ant, a mouse, a giraffe or a cheetah? Next, do not miss the quarry of vultures, an impressive spectacle of these necrophagous predators. They are a symbol of the commitment of the Biopark Doua la Fontaine (Maine and Loire) in the conservation of species. The zoo has invested in a hundred projects around the world.

Douai la Fontaine Biopark, 103, rue de Cholet. Prices: 24.40 euros, 18.65 euros (from 3 to 10 years). Such. : 02 41 59 18 58, bioparc-zoo.fr

4. Visit the animals at night

It is easier to approach wolves at night. In summer, night excursions are offered at the Cave Estate. | DOMAIN CAVE

Meet after 20:00 at the Domaine de Pescheray in Sarthe for torchlight walks. Under the supervision of a zookeeper, it is possible to see nocturnal animals in full activity. Wolves, in particular, are easier to approach in the evening. 12 night visits are planned from June to September. Tip for day visits: come in the morning, that’s when the animals are most active. And buy a pack of pellets to give to herbivores.

This year you can also see: a new refuge for ocelots. This pair of wonderful cats from South America lives in a renovated room. Lynx also has more space.

Domain Pesherea, Le Bray-sur-Meris. Prices: 14.50 euros, 12.50 euros (from 13 to 17 years), 10 euros (from 3 to 12 years). Night visits: 29 euros, 19 euros (6-12 years). Such. 02 43 89 86 04, pescheray.com

5. Play monkeys in the park

Pedestrian bridges, slides and spirals in 3500 m2 of nets on trees for family recreation in the Branfere Animal Park. | Mr. GROSS

Here are the monkeys on the islands. They do not need cages to keep them: they do not like to cross the water. Since its founding in the 1960s, Branfere Park has been showing animals in semi-free mode. Do not miss the presentation of birds: pelicans, storks or birds of prey in free flight, sometimes approaching the audience. Impressive!

At the end of the course, another species of primate climbs 3,500 m2 of nets mounted on trees … Footbridges up to 13 meters high, slides and spirals follow one another in this version of Parcabout. Treats for young and old!

Branfere Botanical Park, Gerno (Morbihan). Prices: 23.50 euros (June), 25 euros (July and August). Child from 4 to 12 years: 17 euros; 18.50 euros. Such. : 02 97 42 94 66, branfere.com

6. Domestic giant turtles

Giant African turtles can be petted in Alligator Bay in Beauvoir. | ALIGATOR’S BAY

In the center of this reptile park, the turtle farm unites dozens of species, including this year’s pig turtle and its characteristic snout. Space also allows you to stroke the giant turtles of Africa.

On the other hand, no favors in the maze of dragons that unites snake lizards and iguanas. But tunnels and observation pyramids suit them. Finally, in the greenhouse with alligators, visitors take a walk on wooden pontoons and cross-cabins. An environment that makes you feel transported to the Gulf of Louisiana in front of alligators or in Africa in front of Nile crocodiles.

alligator bay, 62, Route du Mont Saint-Michel, in Beauvoir (Manche). Prices: 14 euros, 11.50 euros (from 13 to 18 years), 9.50 euros (from 3 to 12 years). Such. 02 33 68 11 18, alligator-bay.com

7. Serve a cup of nectar with lorikeets

At the Parc du Cerza, in Hermione-le-Vaux, volunteers can give nectar to loricettes. | CERZA

In a large tropical greenhouse, lorikeets, these species of small parrots, approach visitors and sometimes sit on their hands. Volunteers give them a glass of nectar, a taste they usually find in the heart of flowers. Then a few giraffes approach the curious ones, who climbed the pedestrian bridge, which puts them on high. Cerza Zoo offers two hiking trails. Red is designed for people with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs. And yellow, more hilly, offers many bridges and footbridges.

Cerza Zoo, in Hermione-le-Vaux (Calvados). Prices: € 22, € 15 (for children 3-11 years). A safari train and a 3D cinema are included in the entrance ticket. Such. : 02 31 62 17 22, cerza.com

8. Study wildlife photography

In the spring of 2022, a family of brown bears from the La Boissier du Dore moved to their new 2.4-hectare space. | C. HEUZÉ / LA BOISSIÈRE-DU-DORÉ ZOO

During the summer, a professional photographer accompanies visitors every month to discover photos of animals in the center of the park. On the menu: technical tips and footage in the field. Lovers of beautiful images will also appreciate the aerial ballet of bird watching in free flight. There are more than 200 birds of 35 different species circling in the air, from local species such as buzzards or storks to tropical species such as marabou or macaws. Note that from this year for each ticket purchased 1 euro is donated to animal conservation projects.

La Boissier du Dore Zoo, a place called La-Châtaigneraie (Loire-Atlantique). Prices: 24.50 euros, 18 euros (from 3 to 12 years). Photo studio: 95 euros per participant. Such. 02 40 33 70 32, zoo-boissiere.com

Family walks: eight ideas for activities in Western zoos

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