Elden Ring Samurai Class Guide

Elden Ring offers a great variety of starter classes, including some staples from FromSoftware’s series as well as some brand new ones. This guide will cover samurai start classes and how to create the perfect build to master the blade and become a true katana master. A samurai starts at level 9 and the stat distribution is more suited to physical stats as he lacks Faith, Arcana and Intelligence.

The starting Samurai class is good for most stages of the game – the starting weapon is solid throughout the game, and the longbow is a good long-range option that can be used to craft arrows. The shield is pretty much useless for anything other than parrying, as in most cases it’s better to use a two-handed katana for more damage than to block.


Being surrounded by death all the time, it is important to respect life as well, and it is in the nature of the samurai to respect the arts as well as the finer things in life that surround them. This can be done through haiku, enjoying the art in the game world, or even cooking a delicious dish of boiled crab.


A samurai must be deadly on the battlefield while enjoying the finer things in life, such as art and culture.

The next step is the choice of weapons and distribution of characteristics. Samurai starting weapon, Uchigatana– like most katanas – relies on dexterity, but Elden Ring’s brutal early game will require stamina points to avoid a quick death. The weapon’s natural bleed can make up for not contributing points to your damage stat early on, so it’s wise to prioritize stamina. It is more important not to die immediately. Other characteristics will be determined by your choice of katana.

Weapons: Arm yourself

Ronin with Nagakiba

Nagakiba: This katana requires 18 strength use, but it has the best range of any katana. This is the longest of all katanas and can be useful in PvP and PvE for catching or range stronger opponents. He has a powerful weapon skill called piercing fang which can be replaced, as well as a unique heavy attack that takes advantage of its extra range by pushing – as opposed to slashing. Otherwise, it has the standard katana moveset.

Uchigatana: Starting weapon of the samurai class (along with the longbow). This katana is the perfect all-rounder for the early game and a viable pick throughout the game. Bleeding is very heavy in the Elden Ring– many enemies are susceptible to this – and the extra burst damage can drain large chunks of health from powerful enemies and bosses, which can quickly turn the tide of any battle. The draw the weapon skill is nice and useful throughout the game, but it can be replaced with something else to your liking. A light attack is a slash that is able to switch targets during combat and get slightly closer, while a heavy attack deals more damage and more balance damage.

Meteo Ore Blade: A katana that specializes in destroying star creatures. Located in Caelid waypoint ruins. weapon mastery, gravity, emits a burst of gravity magic that sucks in and damages enemies. He has a unique heavy attack – a quick jump into the sky – that helps you close the gap and deal a lot of damage. This katana requires 18 Intelligence processed and dropped nearby moon veil located. The Meteoric Ore Blade is a good everyday katana for a magical samurai or gravity mage.

Moon Veil: Fell when you beat Magma Worm in Gaelic Tunnel dungeon in completethis katana is mainly suited for intelligence and requires 23 intelligence process, so it’s a bit of an initial commitment from a stats perspective. Moonveil is notorious for being a powerful PvP katana with his weapon skills passing moonlight which fires a magical light wave with each unsheathed thrust. Otherwise, he has a standard katana moveset. Since this katana relies primarily on intelligence, you might be better off with a different starting class like the Prisoner, but with the right stat stacking, a beginner samurai can wield the Moonshroud with great skill.

Rivers of blood: One of the strongest katanas in the game for both PvP and PvE. Separated damage types from punches and fire with built-in bleed help kill enemies that don’t have a build up of blood loss or are highly resistant to physical attacks. His skill with weapons, Robbery of corpses, is very powerful and can effectively kill most enemies due to high damage and rapid blood loss. It cannot be obtained without achieving it Church of Repose in The peaks of the giants. An invading NPC who wields this weapon appears in front of the church, and upon defeat drops it with Okin’s mask. rivers of blood requires 20 arcana manage, but it’s pretty late in the game and there’s plenty of time to complete this requirement.

Rivers of Blood Corpse weapon hoarder in action

Armor: stylish protection

Elden Ring has many sets of armor with different characteristics, but the most important thing is how you look. The starting samurai armor is perfect, but it lacks uniqueness. The Ronin Armor Set is a good replacement and represents more of a traveling samurai. A samurai should express himself artistically, and armor is a great way to strike fear into enemies. These are just suggestions – use something that looks cool and doesn’t interfere with quick deployment.

  • Reedland Armor Set: Starting armor for the Samurai class. Old reliable. Decent cut resistance, as well as fire and lightning resistance.
Reedland Armor Set
  • Ronin Armor Set: Obtained at the end of the game by completing from Yura series of quests or murder Shabiri to Overseas ruins in The peaks of the giants. This set is slightly heavier than your starting armor, but has more balance and damage resistance, and offers a different samurai aesthetic.
Ronin Armor Set
  • Set of white reeds: Found in Cave of Summoning Spirits in The peaks of the giants, this armor offers a slight visual variation of the Land of Reed set, but with better specs. In the same cave in Lange Godskin the talisman drops after defeating the boss. This talisman can be useful in many builds that deal a lot of hits. There are three phases to the fight, but the last one is just a snail’s pace.
White Reed Armor Set

Mascots: we choose the best

  • The filigree coat of arms of Carian: Reduces the FP cost of weapon skills by 25%. Effective on katanas as they all have strong weapon skills. Allows you to focus on healing flasks instead of FP flasks. Can be purchased at military advisor Go ahead after talking to Ranni and his friends in Ranni’s rise early Rani’s quest.
  • Fragment of Alexander: Greatly increases skill attack power by 15%. Received after completion Alexander’s iron fist a series of quests. Each katana has good weapon skills, so a flat buff like this is very powerful for any samurai.
  • Millicent’s prosthesis: Increases Agility (+5) and Attack Power with consecutive attacks (4%, 6%, 11%). Received at the end Millicent’s Quest by choice Millicent invades at the end of the first part of her quest (she can also be killed at Vitryakiv village get the talisman as soon as possible). She bestows a powerful talisman for the samurai construct at the end of her two-way quest. Use for small Agility increase (STOP Rotten Winged Sword Emblem be received).
  • Rotten Winged Sword Emblem: Significantly increases the attack power of successive attacks (6%, 8%, 13%). An improved version of the Winged Sword sign. Award for help Millicent fight your sisters at the end of your quest line. This talisman is perfect for katanas as they hit often and some have weapon skills that also hit multiple times.
  • Blood Lord’s Joy: Increases attack power by 20% for 20 seconds when nearby blood loss occurs. Effective for increasing bleeding damage. This talisman’s buff applies to any nearby bleed, including yourself. He also grieves with the same buff from white mask helmet.

Constructions: put everything together

A samurai has many different paths. It all depends on your personal preferences.

Bleeding Samurai

  • Statistics: Prioritize Vigor, Dex, and Arcane
  • Armor: White mask, white reed set
  • Weapon: Rivers of Blood and Uchigatana or Hand of Melania late game
  • Mascots: Godskin Shroud, Bloodlord’s Joy, Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, and Carian’s Filigree Crest.

Bleed is a reward for aggressive play with massive damage. The White Mask and Praise of the Blood Lord talisman grant a stacking buff to nearby bleeding that deals more damage after the effect.

Samurai Mageblade

  • Statistics: Prioritize Stamina, Intelligence, Dexterity, and Spirit (as needed)
  • Armor: Ronin set
  • Weapon: Moon Veil and/or Meteor Blade
  • Mascots: Marika’s Seal, Carian Filigree Coat of Arms, Rotten Winged Sword Marks, and Alexander’s Shard

Spellblade specializes in melee and zoning with mid-range spells. This build has a strong Intel commitment, so starting with the starting Prisoner class might be closer to the stat mark, but it doesn’t have a deal-breaking katana. A magic-enhancing talisman can replace one of these if you want to add spells to your repertoire through an intelligence investment.

traditional samurai

  • Statistics: Prioritize Stamina, Agility, and Spirit
  • Armor: Earth reed set
  • Weapon: Uchigatana/Nagakiba and the longbow
  • Mascots: Sorseal of Radagon, Carian Filigree Coat of Arms, Marks of the Rotten Winged Sword, and Alexander’s Shard

A traditionalist samurai prefers only the katana and bow, relying on basic tools to take down demigods and gods. This style of play lies in the versatility that the bow provides. Upgrade spirit as needed to use weapon skills more often without sacrificing health vials.

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