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Tobias Beckett was born human See Anselm. He was a scoundrel and a talented robber, who could handle two types of weapons twice (RSKF-44 and DG-29). He did not trust many people, he was sure that others were going to betray him. He was known for ridding the galaxy of a bounty hunter, Aura singsbut he contented himself with talking of the fall which led to his death Palliduvan.

Meeting with Solo on Mimba

In -10 he worked forCrimson star with Dryden Vos and was to steal the coaxium from the Empire. Beckettwith your partner shaft and with Rio Durant penetrates into the plant mimban on which the empire waged a heavy struggle with the local inhabitants. Their goal was to hijack the Y-45 Transport. He discovered them Han Solo who felt they wanted to deliver a hit and wanted to be a part of it. Beckett decided to report his defection, and the former Slimb was offered dinner to the beast that the Wookiee really was. Chewbacca. As soon as two soon-to-be best friends break free from their cage, they find Beckett and his group, who decided to take them on board despite their reluctance shaft.

Breakdown on Vandora

Once at the factory Vandor, Beckett explained his plan to the two and the day before the robbery, after a conversation by the fire, he gave Khan his future weapon of choice is the DL-44. Beckett had a well-oiled plan: shaft had to camp on the bridge, Rio The Han Chewbacca Beckett Trio had to be allowed to reach the conveyor and had to unhook the cars to restore the coax. IF Beckett wasn’t going to have any trouble getting rid of it Landing rangethe situation changed with the arrival ofEnfys Nest. Intervention Cloud riders led to death Rio (struck by a blaster shot), victim Fr shaft (by blowing up a bridge that was surrounded and disarmed after the viper drones arrived) and the loss of the coaxium, despite Han’s efforts to recover the cargo, which eventually crashed on the mountainside. Therefore for Beckett who invited Khan to go with him to see Dryden Vos to whom it is time to bear responsibility.

A tense meeting with Dryden Vos

Aboard First lightBeckett, p Khan and Chewbacca tried to convince Dryden Vos that he could make up for it and that the failure was due to interventionEnfys Nest. During this stormy meeting, which was attended Qi’raKhan offered to steal raw coaxium on Kessel and Chewbacca pointed out that they could perfect it Savarin. Despite the flawed plan, Dryden agreed and sent Ki’ra and the three to oversee this new heist. They needed a fast ship to get to Kessel. Happy reading will be Millennium Falcon with Lando Calrissian what Beckett will convince you to accompany the rest of the group. Everyone arrived on Kessel, with Beckett, disguised as a bodyguard, accompanying Ki’ra, who posed as a slave trader in exchange for spices, while Han and Chewbacca posed as slaves. The operation will be successful and it will be well helped by the rebellion initiated L3-37the group will take advantage of the chaos to escape with the coaxium, but will have to face the death of the drode co-pilot lando.

When the planet was left behind, the Imperial blockade prevented them from taking the classic path of achievement Savarin. Khan, piloting the Falcon, decided to go through Whirlpool to shorten the path. Beckett initially sat in the ship’s gunboat, but the latter was killed in combat with TIE fighters. Again it will be useful to add some raw coax to the ship’s engine to give it a good push to get out of the gravity well.

Treason on Savarin

Once on Savarin, they could perfect the coaxium while awaiting their return Dryden Vos. It was without calculation of arrivalEnfys Nest who decided to reveal his identity in order to convince the group not to give the cargo to the Crimson Dawn, but rather to a rebellion prepared against empire. Khan hatched a plan of deception Drydenexplained it Beckett who decided to skip his turn and invited Khan to join him Tatooine or a new team was being assembled.

Khan, Chewbacca and Qi’ra went to Vos’s ship, but Beckett betrayed the group by telling Dryden’s plan. But what he didn’t know was that the smuggler hadn’t told him his whole plan, and it was a real coaxium that was around them, and it was worth a crazy fortune. Tobias decided to betray the leader of the Crimson Dawn by stealing the coaxium, taking Chewbacca with him, leaving Han, Ki’ra, and Vos to settle the score. Saved by his childhood sweetheart, who got rid of his now former “boss”, Solo caught up Beckett and killed him with a blaster shot. So that was the end for Tobias, who regretted not learning to play the valadchord.

(Solo A Star Wars Story / Solo A Star Wars Story: visual guide)

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