Enjoy ExocetGame races, eco-friendly water races

Startup ExocetGame announces the arrival of its Enjoy the race at the first naval base in Gruisan. Its patented electric boats, which can be operated without a license or experience, will offer the general public new games and slides. A race for user satisfaction, a technology challenge for the Montpellier startup and a turnkey innovation for water base operators who are refusing to ski.

Boats are colorful, the experience is fun and, above all, unique: Enjoy the race from ExocetGame is the first of its kind at the sea base, a new way to have fun, move fast, rise above the water without flying, in the rise, enough to combine thrills and security. The creator of this accessible game, Philip Focon, offered his race at the Marina O Zone in Gruisan, which adds to his attractions a unique experience in the world without having to invest in equipment: the water park is paid by ExocetGame, the operator. The first exception is that the ExocetGame business model is based on renting its boats to maritime base operators for € 350 per month and per boat, as well as paying a fee of € 8 per hour consumed.

ExocetGame race: finally an alternative to water skiing!

“Marine skills are not required to operate our boats. Just a few explanations to understand the extremely simple operation of the control buttons and the accelerator pedal! explains the founder of the startup ExocetGame. “The design of our boat is very technical, but its use is elementary: first of all, pleasure, in complete safety and without impact on the environment! This is an alternative to the jet ski, which has become unfeasible because it is too noisy, polluting and demanding. “Each ExocetGame boat is geolocated, connected to record parameters and race chains, ensures safe practice and limits bad maneuvers. Boats are environmentally friendly: zero-emission engine without troubles (odors, noise), rental to extend service life.

French technology and production

ExocetGame assembled and tested its first prototypes in 2021 after three years of research and development in partnership with the mechatronic platform IMT Mines Alès, where the startup was incubated. Charles Bertrand, Technical Director of Exocet Game, is a naval architect: “We have allocated one million euros to develop our prototype with the help of CRÉALIA, the Occitanie region, Bpifrance and private foundations. Our boat is doubly patented. In fact, the first patent protects the main innovation: very precise control of the center of gravity, the center of gravity and its boat power. The second patent relates to the boat’s controls, buttons and accelerator.

Four boats will equip the Marina O Zone base in Gruisan; there will be six in July. Philippe Faucon is going to conquer French naval bases before heading to Europe with his Enjoy the race ExocetGame and other games, including naval battle. In 2023, it will be necessary to raise one million euros.

ExocetGame, a change of game in games on a boat and skating

Entrepreneur, former manager of the Normandy naval base, Philippe Focon created his SAS in Montpellier in September 2018. Until August 2021, with the support of the IMT Mines Alès incubator, ExocetGame will incubate Ad’occ sport, and from March 2022, from Montpellier BIC.

• Founding President: Philippe Focon / Technical Director: Charles Bertrand.
• Acquired skills: electronic development, assembly, operation of marine bases.
• Estimated number of labor at the end of 2022: 5-6, at the end of 2023: 25.
• Projected turnover: 735 thousand euros in 2022, 1.2 million euros in 2023.

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