Eurovision 2022, behind the scenes: Francesca Montinaro

Just a few days before the first semifinal of Eurovision 2022, delegations and artists are ready. Before the rehearsals, the team is working on the final details of the performances, which we will see during live shows which, as every year, promise to be unforgettable. But at this time the intensity and hurry, our Eurostars are not the only ones who experience bursts of excitement and stress. Those who did not get in the spotlight are also working hard behind the scenes to make this sixty-sixth edition an unforgettable event for both Italians and Europeans. Because they are the key players in the competition and its good organization, writing Daily Eurovision decided to dedicate a series of portraits to some of these numerous figures working behind the scenes. Among them is a great actress, whose name was recently put on stage, because it is her studio and she is the authors of this scene, from which RAI is cold sweat. Carri lettori, ecco Francesca Montinaro !!

The beginnings

“I was born in a city that looked like a small stage. For me, anything is possible. “

The multidisciplinary and transversal artist Francesca Montinaro was born in 1965 in the Eternal City: Rome, which she defines as “Urban scene, rich in intersecting styles and forms”. In the mythical city, the one that offered the mythical night bath to Anica Edberg, she pushes the door of the Academy of Arts. After studying painting and sculpture there, she studied scenography, which she completed at the age of twenty-three. His creations are quick to succeed. As far as…

It was in the world of the seventh art that she made her first steps alongside Mario Garbulo, a famous Italian production designer who has a list of legendary films. Rocco and his brothers, Cheetah, Barbarella or La Cage aux Folles.

Philosophy of television experience

“My interest in television is understandable. »

Francesca Molinaro’s interest in communication will be the red thread of her work and opens the door to television. She uses them as a means of engaging the public, drawing their attention and inviting them to reflect. This is through the prism of silent collaboration with the people who occupy the stage and the audience who are experiencing this experience on the set. For the artist, television provides a different degree of understanding, as well as a high level of stimulation and comparison, able to trigger mechanisms in the minds of the public. This is how, with the help of the scenographies she created, she thinks about creating a language that directly reaches both the audience on the set and the audience in front of their TV screen.

Thus, it is logical that since 1992, Francesca Montinaro has been in the television pot. She then worked with Gregorio Paolini, author and television producer, creating many programs for RAI, Italia 1 or Canale 5. According to changes in viewers’ habits, he brought a new way of creating television. This will allow a direct story to send many messages to the public to change the situation. A philosophy that Francesca then fits into, for which the viewer must be the center of attention.

Emotion set designer

“I would say that the inspiration does not come from projects I have already done, but from something deeper, from curiosity, from the desire to always experiment with something new. »

Interview at Eurofestival newsApril 15, 2022

Rai, Mediaset, LA7… Gradually, the largest Italian television groups are urging her to wear the set of various programs, no less a conscious choice on her part, which is part of her reflections on the television experience. Talk shows, reality TV, investigations, information and entertainmentTV news, music programs… There are so many TV genres and areas in which Francesca Montinaro can embody her sense of innovation through scenography based on three pillars: strength, functionality, beauty.

The 2010s were an opportunity for the artist to change his artistic direction. So she is interested “emotional luogo”or “emotional place”, one of the most symbolic works of which is the stage of the San Remo Festival 2013. background torn and inspired by Alberto Burri (a plastic artist with a polymaterialist style and a supporter of European informal art) and a set also reminiscent of the works of Argentine artist and sculptor Lucio Fontana. It is enough to replace the personality in the center of stage and television experience.

In the course of this creative philosophy, she creates themed scenes for numerous television programs. Including, Intangible filter (made for Come through deception), Tropical forest (for Barbarian invasion), Task (for piazzapulita) or Laboratory (for The gross anatroccolo).

Among his other works are trays:

  • The incomprehensible
  • Kuokki and Fiamme
  • ice Age
  • Release 2007-2009
  • Circus of reality
  • The Tornasole
  • Lo Spacanochi
  • invisible
  • La Mala EducaXXXion
  • It spins
  • TV2000
  • Telegiornalereturn on investment

From the present to the plural

“My work does not depend on reading, strictly related to television scenography. »

Biography, Francesca Montinaro’s workshop

In addition to television, Francesca Montinaro is also involved in other activities through her studio, which she founded in 1996.

The artist made a name for himself in contemporary art, reflecting on issues of manipulation and consent. Through their prism, they offer a representation of masses and bodies, while closely related to reality (as well as its scenography). The artist’s installations allow the public to literally experience, not just watch. Thus, this is one of his symbolic works Hearing, which she considers the first real stone in this building and which she presented at the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011. She echoes her many years of television experience and questions the relationship between the performance and the audience (or audience), showing on the screens the faces of viewers’ reactions to what they see. Among his works can also be mentioned Excellent (about emotions), Veil of Freedom (about female identity) and Immunity communities (following community links). Works that cross the world since Veil of Freedom was presented at MUA Alicante (Spain) and atInstitute for Modern Art Houston (USA). Installation was also carried out Mirror to reopen Vittoriano (Monument to Victor Emmanuel II in Rome) 2000

While working in interior design, the multidisciplinary artist also shares her knowledge, as she has been a professor of multimedia scenography at the European Institute of Design in Rome, as well as at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara and Rome. .

From San Remo to Turin

It was in San Remo that Francesca Montinaro made her first steps in the field of major music shows, she also designed the set for a television concert by Zucchero. As mentioned above, RAI first approached its workshop in 2013 to create a symbolic scene in its creator’s work before turning to it again. in 2019. Therefore, this is not without some evidenceitalian shade obliges, Atelier Francesca Montinaro was chosen to design the stage for Eurovision 2022.

Eurovision on Qudaily dedicated an article entitled to this ambitious scene The sun is inside and based on the movements and lights of the kinetic sun sitting on a stage surrounded by waterfalls and facing green room in Italian-style gardens as a mirror of Italian identity. Movements that we will not be able to see due to an unexpected and unwanted engine failure a few days before the first rehearsals …

In addition, Francesca Montinaro is currently working on a multimedia museum project in Saudi Arabia.

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