Exhibitions developed in Montlucon (Allier) are exported throughout France … and Switzerland

Wetting a T-shirt, as yellow as possible, is his daily life … Indeed, the company from Montlucon (Allier) Atout Graphisme, in particular, specializes in organizing exhibitions dedicated to sports, today plays at various venues – it is.

Tour de France and yellow T-shirt

Let’s start with the existing, namely two exhibitions about cycling – Tour de France and Yellow T-shirt, Grail – which export well. “They will be visible from Monday, June 20, and until September 19 at the headquarters of the International Cycling Union (UCI) in Egle, Switzerland,” – explains the head of the company Fabrice Bourguignon.

“The ninth stage of the Tour de France 2022 will connect Eagle with Chatel on Sunday, July 10, so the UCI contacted us.” Therefore, we had to install one hundred and forty meters of linear – stretched canvases, flat screens, touch tables – on the velodrome of the Swiss site.

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“It is a source of pride and pleasure to be recognized by an international federation. »

Fabrice Bourguignon (boss Atout Graphisme)

1992 Albertville Olympic Games

Atout Graphisme is also working on another exhibition, this brand new one, which is called Albertville 92, thirty years. And this, as you understand, applies to the Winter Olympics, organized in February 1992 in the city of Savoy.

“This has required us to have the Maison des Jeux for thirty years, and it will run from Monday, June 20, to October 3 at the Alberville Olympic Hall,” said Fabrice Bourguignon.

“We are talking about the site, the application, the course of the competition, anecdotes, champions who shone there, what happened to the objects …”

Fabrice Bourguignon

Everything is again represented by stretched canvases, various items (outfits, medals, bibs) and video projection. A total of сто ninety-two running meters. “Ninety-second, like the year of these Olympics, but I promise we didn’t do it on purpose!” “.

Cycling: two exhibitions in Domer and Montlucon (Allier) to learn more about the Paris-Nice race [01/03/2022]

Text: Luke Barre
Photos: archive of Florian Salesse and Renault Baldassen


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