Father’s Day Gift Ideas: The Best LEGO!

News is a good plan Father’s Day Gift Ideas: The Best LEGO!

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s time to think about finding some good gift ideas for your dad! What if, in fact, LEGO is not suitable? This construction game is now available for different generations, and your father probably played it as a child. Maybe it’s time to bring him back to his childhood as a designer from a famous Danish brand.

Father’s Day: the idea of ​​LEGO as a gift

LEGO designers have become an institution over time. Indeed, based on the very simple idea that with the help of bricks and a little imagination it is possible to create everything that is possible. Since then, the brand has skyrocketed and become an integral part of pop culture.

But above all, what LEGO has achieved is the opportunity to continue to reach out to children of the past who have become adults today. And this is thanks to constantly updated, more complex and larger designers.

We could see this from a brand new collection that has just appeared. And LEGO is on its way to becoming an object of decoration, collecting and entertainment at the same time.

This makes it a great gift idea for your dad. Remembering his early childhood and allowing him to keep his passion, LEGO can be quite a wise gift.

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The best LEGO constructors that can be presented on Father’s Day

There are some must-have LEGO sets that will be great gifts for Father’s Day! We have grouped all the following designers to give you some ideas for Father’s Day gifts!

Millennium Falcon: a collector’s item that will make you melt more than once

We find the most famous Star Wars ship in the most premium and largest version. With its 7541 items and many details, this is a collectible item that takes time to assemble, which will be so nice! An object of pleasure and exposition, this Millennium Falcon will delight many dads!

Buy the Millennium Falcon for 799 euros in LEGO

Dad can be offered a Lamborghini!

Father's Day Gift Ideas: The Best LEGO!

We consider Sián FKP 37 one of the latest Lamborghini models. This model is especially rich in detail. Whether the V12 engine, its sequential gearbox or the steering, the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 will appeal to the original. Except that it can fit in the living room and is still much more affordable!

Buy a Lamborghini Sián for 279 euros on Amazon

Give your dad a collectible LEGO from the movie of the 80’s!

Father's Day Gift Ideas: The Best LEGO!

Now only a few and some have links, but the film remains iconic! “Ghostbusters”, released in 1984, has forever engraved its name in stone. Whether it’s his story, his slightly kitsch aspect now or his lines, this is a heartfelt film for many fans. And what could be more collectible than a car that brings a team of “Ghostbusters” to the crime scene?

Buy the LEGO Ghostbusters for 163 euros on Amazon

Experience the moment when Harry Potter encounters the Dragon with this LEGO set

Father's Day Gift Ideas: The Best LEGO!

During the 4th book of the Harry Potter saga, a famous young wizard must steal a golden egg from a terrible dragon. The latter is also a prickly Magyar, a species known for its fierceness and fighting spirit. The sequence of confrontations in the series will enter the annals of fantasy cinema with its realism. LEGO managed to convey this powerful moment by offering a special and especially dynamic set!

Buy LEGO Magyar with spikes for 49 euros in LEGO

The most Zen LEGO design is also here!

Father's Day Gift Ideas: The Best LEGO!

If you are looking for your dad who wants peace, inner peace, this special set can help him. Indeed, it is a bonsai in LEGO. The latter does not require care and is especially suitable for people who do not want to mess with the green plant at home. In addition, it comes with a set of pink leaves, reminiscent of the period when cherry trees bloom in Japan.

Buy LEGO bonsai for 42 euros on Amazon

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