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The second round of parliamentary elections will take place on Sunday, June 19. Which deputies will represent the people of Orne in the National Assembly over the next five years? All results by district can be found in this article.

Click on the constituency or select a commune below (if the results are not shown on the map, they are displayed below in this article)

Settlements: Alencon-1 , Alencon-2 , Alencon-3 , Carrouges , Curtometer , Domfron-en-Poirier , I in Ferte-Mass , Juvigny-sous-Andaine , Mel-sur-Sarthe , passed , To see .

Second round: results of candidates by parties and / or political shades (source: MIA)

  • Chantal Jourdain (Socialist Party-Nupes)
  • Marie-Annik Duard (Renaissance, former LREM ensemble)

REMIND: the results of the first round

  • Chantal Jourdain (Socialist Party-Nupes) 25.85% on dismissal (8448 votes)
  • Marie-Annik Duard (Renaissance, former LREM ensemble) 23.17% on dismissal (7,572 votes)
  • Miriam Mayyan (National Rally) wins, 20.57% of votes (6723 votes)
  • Bernard Soul (Les Républicains) won, 19.06% of the vote (6231 votes)
  • Oscar Piloke (Reconquest!), Defeated, 3.8% (1241 votes)
  • Sylvie Laplace (Rural Population) won, 2.17% (708 votes)
  • Martin Freval (Animal Party) won, 1.89% (617 votes)
  • Charlotte Seuche (Lutte Ouvrière) won, 1.81% (593 votes)
  • Florence Tessier (Debut-la-France) won, 1.69% (551 votes)
  • Mark Laurent-Brionne (untagged) won 0%

Member of the Orna Constituency: Chantal Jourdan (Socialist Party).

Cities: Aigle-Est , I “Eagle-West”. , Bazos-sur-Hon , Belleme , I in Ferte-Fresnel , Gays , Lonnie-o-First , I and Merlero , Mortan-o-Perch , Moulin-la-Marche , Noce , periwinkle , Remalard , I and Tale , Tours , Wimutier .

Second round: Results of candidates by parties and / or political shades (source: MIA

  • Veronica Luwaji (Republicans)
  • Alexander Morel (National Rally)

REMIND: the results of the first round

  • Veronica Luwaji (Republicans) 32.72% on dismissal (10,759 votes)
  • Alexander Morel (National Rally) 24.53% on dismissal (8067 votes)
  • Cecil Bussier (EELV-Nupes) received 16.17% of the vote (5318 votes)
  • Amale El Khaledi (Horizons – Together) won with 13.87% (4562 votes)
  • Amori de Bourbon Parm (Reconquest!) Won with 3.91% (1287 votes)
  • Denis Musse (Rural Movement) 2.87% (944 votes)
  • Christoph Joseph (Various Left) 2.19% (719 votes)
  • Sandrine Marie (Advocates for France) 1.64% (539 votes)
  • Patricia Answer (Animal Party) 1.30% (427 votes)
  • Bernadette Valley (Labor) 0.79% (259 votes)

Member of the 2nd constituency of Orne: Veronica Luvazhi (Les Républicains).

Cities: Argentan-East, Argentan-West, Atis de l’Orne, Bruges, Ecuche, Exmes, Flers-Nord, Fleur-Sud, Messe, Mortre, Putange-Pont-Ekrepen, Tinschebre, Trun.

Second round: Candidates’ results by party and / or political affiliation (source: MIA)

  • Jerome Nouri (Republicans)
  • Anthony Fremont (National Assembly)

REMIND: the results of the first round

  • Jerome Nouri (Republicans) 37.38% on dismissal (13,050 votes)
  • Anthony Fremont (National Assembly) 17.57% on dismissal (6135 votes)
  • Mehdi Kemari (La France Insoumise-Nupes) won, 17.44% (6090 votes)
  • Solen Gibo (Horizons-Ensemble) won, 13.71% (4787 votes)
  • Vincent Beaumont (Miscellaneous Center) won 5.82% (2033 votes)
  • Claire-Emmanuel Gower (Reconquest!) Defeated, 2.56% (894 votes)
  • Arno Gauthier (Lutte Ouvrière) won, 1.79% (624 votes)
  • Mark Cleris (Union of Centrists and Environmentalists) won, 1.44% (502 votes)
  • Aymeric Yever (right-wing sovereign) won, 1.31% (456 votes)
  • Didier Durandi (Rural Movement) won 0.98% (341 votes)

The deputy going to a post in 3th Orne constituency: Jerome Nuri (Les Républicains).

This is one of the divisions where Republicans are resisting. Two MPs leaving the LR, Veronique Luvage (she is running for a third term) and Jerome Nouri (he is running for a second term), qualified for the second round last Sunday and took first place in their constituencies. Both candidates oppose a representative of the National Rally. Will the votes of the left-wing candidates and the presidential majority be transferred to their candidacies?

In this area, traditionally located on the right, the first constituency is a bit of an exception. Since 2012, it is the left that has represented its residents in the National Assembly. Joachim Puyeo (PS) became mayor of Alencon again in 2020 and handed over Chantal Jourdan to his deputy. The latter is running for the first time on her behalf, in the colors of the New People’s Environmental and Social Union, and even though relations with EELV and LFI were difficult during the campaign, these partners blamed him for his independence from Nupes. This tension did not prevent her from taking first place at the end of the first round last Sunday with 25.9% of the vote.

His rival in the second round, Marie-Annik Duard, is in the presidential majority with 23.2% of the vote. The 70-year-old candidate has a specialty of living in the Basque Country. Skydiving, which involves an interested person.

A small gap separates the two finalists, and the left-wing candidate on paper has a small reserve of votes. RN and LR took third and fourth place, respectively, each with about 20% of the vote. Will the first district of Orne remain on the left after this second round?

Another key factor in this election was turnout, or rather abstinence, which last Sunday was about 50% (from 49.31% in the second constituency to 50.89% in the first).

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