Five abusive words from yesterday that you will not dare to say

“jerk”, “fool”… These colloquial words have become well-established. But once they were vilely trivial. Anthology.

If we ever thought so “cursed” someday it will be an outdated, almost ridiculous way of cursing … Because when it appeared in the 19th century, it did not exist! “Curse” is an understatement fuck according to the verb file . He meant it at first “flat to own”through Latin future, in other words “have sex with a woman”. The same is true if you swear allegiance to your great gods “curse” Today we will look at you in amazement, because this word has lost its crude meaning. However, at first it was a bit of a curse … The editors invite you to rediscover these vulgarities of the past years with nameless trivia. Watch your eyes and ears.

● Jarnicoton

Blasphemous. This is how this oath was qualified, the use of which was not approved by the Church. Today is cute and quirky, “Yarnicoton” was once popular, aging softening “greedy”what means “I deny God”. It appears in the 16th century as a change of expression I give up cotton. Father Coton, a confessor of Henry IV, would ask the king to use this euphemism instead Zharnidie!, according to the French Academy. The word came in several delicious forms: “Grill”, “Frying pan”, “frying pan”… Specify this “Yarnicoton” also meant “intelligence”and “Zharnigoin” is synonymous “Talent, ingenuity”clarifies the treasury of the French language.

● Asshole

Who would have suspected that this is a stable synonym “bad student” once meant “stupid, stupid”? Its meaning has changed, because when it appears in the 13th century in French, it means “crab”, reports the thesaurus. In addition, this etymology has given rise to significance“Needy and lazy student”alluding to the oblique march of the crab, the progression of which is slow and difficult. “Dance” appears as a curse in Rabelais: “Don’t have dinner, I swear?” Fool! Go, brother Jeanne, have lunch “ (Third book). The word is very vulgar to the author. Assigns “Inflammation of the genitals caused by syphilis”according to Sonya Perbal and Christophe Bryshant Swear words, sound imitations and insert words.

● Mole balls futrike

This phrase, if it is, elegant, was born from the pen of Celine, one of the most creative authors of images and other floral words. AND “Futrike” – a small man, small in stature, an insignificant man. It is derived from “fuck”what means “flat to own”then “to make love”, according to the dictionary. As for “burned”, this is noticeable by its absence in traditional dictionaries. On TV5 Monde there is a precise definition: “Male gonad that produces sperm”.

● Bugger

AND “Bad Guy”. The formula is dormant between the yellowed pages of books of the past. But did you know that a “jerk” was “bugger”before the designation a “bad funny” or one “brave man”? At first it was synonymous“heretic”through Latin Bulgarian, “Bulgarian”, as reported by Trésor de la langue française. The latter were considered heretics, especially as the population from which the famous Bogomils came, dualistic tendencies. They were opposed to the church hierarchy, denied several sacraments, including marriage, and were persecuted for a long time. In the 13th century this word became bogressit: “A man who engages in unnatural debauchery”. Now dare to reuse it in society …

● Vertuchou

It’s almost cute. However, those who uttered such a word in the XV century, had to quickly admit it. “Rotating” it is, of course, a euphemistic oath, but nonetheless a crude one … because it is very blasphemous. This is a change “By the power of God”, read in CNRTL. It was used as a curse to signify surprise, indignation, or determination. Celebrated first cabbage virtue, before the two words connect. “Turntable! if I ever get married, this surplus will become my necessity.nicely writes Marivaux’s A game of love and chance.


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