Five available white crab products

Like everything else, the price of crabs, unfortunately, exploded this year, hence this offer of five available wines that will allow you to save a little without losing the pleasure of drinking.

Unlike lobsters, whose season lasts almost all year round, the crab season is quite short. Most often it is bought in sections and is already being prepared. Like fish, it should not have a pungent odor. Its flesh should not look spongy and give a lot of water. First of all, it will have an almost sweet taste in the attack and a slightly salty aftertaste reminiscent of the sea. From the wine side, a lot of steam. Obviously, dry and crispy white is appropriate, but it is impossible to serve a richer and fatter white. See for yourself with the following five suggestions.

Drink less. Drink better.

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Biokult, Gruner Veltliner 2021, The Netherlands

★★ 1⁄2 | $ 1⁄2

Gruner who “cuts”! Wine wine in stainless steel vats initially reveals a reduced nose, which requires a sufficient dose of oxygen to open. So do not hesitate to decant it. Typical tones of green apple, freshly cut lime and white pepper sparkle on the nose. The balance between generous fruitiness and live acidity gives the wine an amazing energy that will allow it to soak into the sweet flesh of the famous crustacean.

Austria 12% | $ 16.65 | 5.5 g / l

SAQ code: 14905388

De Conti Family, Cuvée des Conti 2020, Bergerac

★★★ | $$

The consistent quality of this white color deserves attention. We are talking about more than 50 hectares in organic production, including several in biodynamics. The blend, which is dominated by Semillon, to which are added Sauvignon and Muscadel, gives a natural very fragrant wine. Tones of acacia, verbena, warm grapefruit, honey and spices. Delicious white, which creates a feeling of fatness during the attack, fine acidity appears around the generous fruit. Lively finish, slightly intoxicating and noticeable length, reminiscent of a stony register. Tour de force.

France 14% | $ 17.75 | 1.4 g / l

SAQ code: 858324

Cantina Filippi Castelcerino Soave 2020

★★★ | $ 1⁄2

Soave is slowly but surely losing its bad reputation for sour, tasteless wines. This quality improvement is due in part to careful production, such as that offered by the Filippi family. Set in the 14th century on top of the small village of Castelcherino, it cultivates organic and biodynamic gargane on volcanic soils. The wine is made of stainless steel and aged for about a year. Tempting aromas of almonds, tangerines and chalk. The impression of ripe, almost oily fruit, which carries a frank acidity, which makes everything look perfectly dry.

Italy 12% | $ 22.75 | 3.7 g / l

SAQ code: 12129119

Domaine Felines, Jourdan 2019, Pinpoul de Pinet

★★★ | $$

Producing almost half of the Languedoc-Roussillon white wines, the Pickpool de Pine production area relies on a climate influenced by the famous Etang de Tau and the Mediterranean. These are wines that go very well with seafood and also offer excellent value for money. This is the case with this cuvé with exquisite flavors reminiscent of pears and warm shellfish. We feel the wine straight, lively, nervous, with a crunchy, accentuated shade of “pearlescence”, which brings the remnants of natural carbon dioxide from fermentation. Be careful not to serve it too cold, it will shine with the crab.

France 13.5% | $ 17.95 2.2 g / l

SAQ code: 14173084

Disznoko, Furmint Dry 2020, Tokaji

★★★ | $$

Furmint is the grape variety best known for producing the best sweet wines in Hungary: the famous Tokagi, which Louis XIV called “wine of kings, king of wines”. In the dry version, it gives the original white color, which goes well with crabs. Good aromas of lemon, white peach, broom, mown grass and grated pebbles. Direct attack followed by a greasy, almost satin impression, where the wine gains volume while maintaining nerve acidity. Serve chilled.

Hungary 13.5% $ 20.80 | 1.5 g / l

SAQ code: 13440700

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