Five good reasons to have Cancer in your life

If you tell them what’s wrong today, they’ll lean over to make you feel better. Massage and cookies included. As sensitive as they are, as well as cool, “crying babies” of the zodiac have many qualities. We stopped at the fifth, but if you ask them, the main stakeholders will be able to continue the list for a very long time.

They have unsurpassed emotional intelligence

It’s time to give back to the crabs what the crabs have. In society and in the wider world, where the rational is preferred, Cancers above all respect their emotional intelligence. Don’t you see the connection between mollusks and emotions? In fact, you need to think less about the crab, which represents Cancer, than about the star of passion of the sign. Because in astrology, each sign corresponds to a star, and the fourth sign of the zodiac inherited the moon.

And since it is the closest astral body to us, its symbolism revolves around the intimate and the unconscious. The moon (and, accordingly, Cancer) embodies, among other things, our emotions, our sense of security, family, memory, but also fertility or creativity. Only this. This is why your moon sign represents all of these topics, and why Cancers are known to be sensitive, instinctive, and intuitive. In short, they understand you without even trying.

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They care about others

Care is also one of the main topics of the space crab. Why? If the moon speaks of family ties, sensitivity and security, it is because it embodies the soft half of the astral gifts. Explanation: Saturn is the planet of the parents of the “bad cop” who frowns when needed, and the Moon represents the upbringing of the “good cop”. Such hugs, lullabies, little bedtime stories and homemade snacks. If you have one or more Cancers in your life, first of all congratulations, then you are probably familiar with their more than developed protective instincts.

Yes, your friend Cancer will give you a massage if you are tense, and your Aunt Crab will prepare for you your favorite dishes as soon as you see her. But in addition to this cocoon image, the sign also takes care of others when it comes to activating and (literally) exposing teeth. Beware of those who threaten the physical or moral integrity of the family. And blood or heart: for Cancer it is the same struggle.

They are always on your side

Because they have the gift of protecting you and understanding emotional issues as soon as they start talking, Cancers know how to listen. Really listen, just listen. Virgo or Capricorn will hear your whining before trying to offer you a thousand solutions. Cancer, she feels that all you want at this moment is an attentive and soothing ear. In short, they do not necessarily seek (at least not only) to help you from a purely logistical and material point of view. Their stock in trade is emotional support.

Similarly, their loyalty corresponds only to the thickness of their shell: unbreakable. When you tell your sister Cancer about your current friendly drama, it will not indicate that your subjectivity is blinding your judgments and that you are wrong. Not that she doesn’t understand, but she doesn’t care. His role is to support you at all costs. You can always count on Cancer to tell you exactly what you need. Or: “You are too right, and they are very wrong. Do you want us to make pancakes? »

They are in direct contact with their inner child

If Cancers living on the Moon are associated with the family universe, they may show a double face: the face of the parents, but also the face of the child. The world of childhood, of course, is associated with a joyful Leo, impulsive Aries or playful Gemini, but also, above all, with a gentle Cancer. In fact, it has to do with their love of security: what could be more encouraging than what we already know from childhood? That’s why Cancer is the most regressive (and nostalgic) of all.

And there are great benefits to being around someone born under the sign of crabs. First: they never run out. What they discover or rediscover, whether it’s an amusement park or the taste of ice cream, worries them as much as if they were 8 years old. Secondly, they don’t look down on the younger ones, because they still remember very clearly what it’s like to live in sneakers. Finally, they have the unchanging dreams, ideals and beliefs of a 10-year-old child and live them to the fullest.

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They are (very) tough

“Cancer? They are cute! can be heard in astrophilic discussion. Yes, but no. Crayfish are similar to the crab that represents them, or very soft on the inside, very hard on the outside. Precisely because they have a great ability to absorb emotions, they place as many barriers as possible between themselves and the rest of the world. Armored, the trials do not impress them, and the images ricochet off their shells, like Mario fireballs on the turtles of the Mario Brothers.

Patient, enduring and brave, they will not skimp on tasks. They can take a lot without saying a word, but if you search for them long enough, you will find them. And if you tickle their loved ones, we want you to have hard skin: because they pinch.

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