Florent Paigny is in pain, says Marc Lavoine, the cause has been discovered

Florent Paigny was at the bottom of the bucket due to lung cancer, which he would have learned then during the taping of The Voice, Marc Lavoine was unable to attend. The latter was also busy with personal drama.

According to Here magazine, which reports on a more than friendly relationship with Zoé, the young singer, the 60-year-old singer has been reeling from the breakup of his relationship with Lina Papin after two years of marriage.

The unfortunate singer, who suffered for years from Lypémanie, “a form of melancholia”, a form of melancholia, experienced 2022 “a little bit slower”.

And this is even during the recordings of “The Voice”.
As “Voici” reminds us, he’s usually very smart, but in the previous season he “wasn’t really into it.”
A source said: “He didn’t talk about what he was going through, it’s not his style, but we sensed a certain weariness in him, like he was somewhere else.”

A weakened Marc Lavoine himself would not have been of much help to Florent Pagna in fighting the hideous crab, which he would have luckily defeated, according to the following.
However, Marc Lavoine confirms on RTL that he has fond memories of the TF1 trolley and is not closing the door on a return. Perhaps a reunion with Florent Pagna?
I am the Voice, I will be the Voice, I will remain the Voice. Three years, it was great, everyone called me, we often call each other, some still turn to me for a little advice, “he said. “Nothing is final. If in two years they ask me to come back and there’s a real legitimate and artistic reason, I’ll go because the door never closes. But there this year, after three years, I risked repeating myself, making glasses again.”

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