Florent Pany and Natalie Marquey, the disease brought them together

In the full-scale guerrilla war against cancer since January, Florent Pany would turn to Natalie Marki, who would reassure him about this battle against the disgusting crab. A few years ago, she suffered from leukemia herself.

“Maybe he needed another shoulder to lean on. Disappointed after Jean-Pierre’s death, she was no doubt better able to better understand the trials he was going through, “said Ici Paris, which offers them its May 25 cover.

He claims that they were brought together by cancer, the dirt that Jean-Pierre Pernot took away last January.

Because the ex-queen of the catwalks finds the Voice coach great, she made his number… That’s how the story began with a simple phone call… Since then, they seem to be united by a connection… It all starts on January 25. ”.

Lou and Tom’s mother confirmed that she had called Floran Panya during his last visit to the Touche pas à mon poste on the C8.

Recalling Jean-Pierre Pernot, who died on March 2, she releases: “His body was very weak because he was still operated on for lung cancer in June. It’s difficult, I don’t understand it, suddenly he had a lot of strokes. (…) When I tell you that he did not die of cancer, I had evidence because he had PET in January and he no longer had cancer on PET. (…) There was no cancer and no trace. “
Then she mentioned Florent P.
agny. “I also called Florent Pani because I really wanted him to know that Jean-Pierre did not die of cancer, because I want him to stay dynamic as he is,” she said.
Here, Paris ponders how the jury in The Voice took advantage of this confidence.

“As a jury of the singing competition, I perceived this confidence.
“Since then, he has been hospitalized again. Natalie visited him in the hospital to give him some strength? – asks the publication, which does not answer this question.

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