football Romain Hengbart: “The state of mind and views are missing”

Romain Hengbart led Mondeville’s reserve team up to Regional 2 and last in the standings. ¬©Alin Chatel

It is in a red light, two points behind the two teams in front of it Mondeville Nature Reserve prepares to challenge L’Aigle Sunday 23 October 2022 Defeated by Falaise in their last meeting, Mondevillais have picked up just one point from four games. Their coach Romain Hengbart sound the alarm

Romain, this start of the season is very delicate for you…

The results are definitely not good enough because we are still winless in the first four games. It’s not the start to the season we were hoping for.

Does the service deserve better?

No, we are simply not on par, neither individually nor collectively. Sometimes we make good sequences, but as soon as the smallest grain of sand appears that disrupts the machine, we lose the thread of the match. The results have been quite logical since the beginning of the season.

Are you suffering from a quality deficit?

There have been many changes since the beginning of the season. This is the fate of all B teams. We also had a lot of injuries, especially in the defensive sector. I don’t think it’s an individual quality issue. So far, we have not been able to find the right formula that would allow us to turn our losses into positive results.

are you worried

Yes, I’m worried because we’ve lost to teams who will be fighting us for the relegation. When you have a bad start to the season, those points are hard to recover from. Now the season is still long. There are players who will return. Maybe we will also play differently to hope to take points. Wins breed confidence. It is absolutely necessary that we manage to play this test match and get this first victory.

“We manage many extra-sports stories”

What is your group like?

The idea was to have a workforce of five to six managers who had R2 experience or above, include three to four players with high potential and benefit from first-team descents.

are you there

No. Since the start of the season, players I was hoping to rely on have been brought up to the first team as there have been a lot of injuries. We have never had the opportunity to have the same players leave the first team two weekends in a row. We finished off a good performance in the Reserves Cup in Erouville – our only win so far – and have six changes before next weekend. When you chain defeat after defeat, the state of mind isn’t always there, and neither is the attitude.

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The club is under reconstruction. Should this situation be taken into account in this poor start to the season?

It plays. Since the beginning of the season, however, we have solved many non-sporting matters. We spend a lot of time and energy on it. If there is no result, then it is because there is a problem of mood, state of mind, as well as cohesion with us, the coaches. This is an individual responsibility for the performance of the players, as well as a collective one. If the results are bad, it’s partly because we couldn’t find the right formula. We expect better treatment from players who descended from R1 or players who participated in the climb from R3 to R2.

Johan Gallon points to similar problems in Regional 1.

The two teams are tied. The general atmosphere of the club affects the result. We will not hide behind it. When you’re on the field, you have to be able to put all that aside. Players should be able to level up their game and have results in R2. The players must realize that we have a season ahead of us, which will be very difficult for both teams. We absolutely need to support these teams at the level they are at. Players must be aware of this and have the right mindset.

Last weekend’s loss hurt because we expected this game to be played. Now you need to put the blue heater. I hope we can win seven games to get a spot in Regional 2. We don’t have to wait until January to wake up. Winning will depend on team cohesion and the attitude of the R2 team, which we don’t necessarily have at the moment.

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