For the November 10 parade, Atelier Aigle Insertion is looking for 40 volunteer models

Atelier Aigle Insertion is the art of personalizing high-end designer clothing (©Le Réveil Normand)

Everything was born from a meeting between Audrey Rainierdirector Production Bohinand Marilyn Dagersdirector of Local mission of L’Aigle-Mortagne (Orne). “We met during the Covid-19 crisis to make masks so that young people could go to interviews,” recalls the boss of the Mission.

One thing leads to another, the two directors phosphorylate the idea of ​​creating a structure of insertion through work, and they give lifeEagle Insert Workshoplocated in the premises of La Manufacture Bohin, c Saint-Sulpice-sur-Risle.

Parade of integration and solidarity

Her credo, starting with the fabrics on offer and high-quality ready-to-wear for women, is to create completely original and unique pieces with the help of seamstresses. Atelier Aigle Insertion’s creations, which are sold online and in several retail outlets in the region, need more exposure. This is where the idea of ​​the parade came from, which will also have the mission of helping people in need.

It will be a parade of integration and solidarity, open to all. Each participant will be entitled to a gift and a 30% discount on our products throughout the year. To help everyone, we will create a CV panel where participants can leave theirs and meet business leaders.

Marilyn DagersDirector of Local Mission and Aigle Insert Workshop

In addition to this opportunity to open new perspectives, Marilyn Dagers wants “the show to be an opportunity for everyone to gain self-confidence and grow in it.”

While Atelier Aigle Insertion works on the hundred items on display and sold in the evening at the boutique, the organization needs people to prepare for D-Day. forty female models, from 36 to 44 years and from 16 to an unspecified age. Minors require parental consent. Of course, the program will include clothing tests and parade tests on a 13-meter carpet lasting 40 seconds.

I am also looking for a manager, server…

A fashion show is not only about models, it also needs a hairdresser, even if everyone can do their own hair. In the list of volunteer makeup artist positions, “and if the models do their own makeup, we will check it higher.” Atelier Aigle Insertion is also looking for a manager to handle all technical aspects, chaperones, servers for the after show cocktail party.

You will also need accessories, tights, hats, shoes, jewelry… As for the photos, that seems to have been resolved thanks to a photographer who was present at a recent pre-show meeting. He needs to make himself known and we need his services. This is exactly the type of exchange we are looking for in this project,” Marylene Dagers says with pleasure.

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People who wish to participate in the parade in any way can contact Madisson Bonnaire at Atelier Aigle Insertion on 07 49 88 03 76 or [email protected]

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