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Located in Mykonos, Greece, overlooking the sea, this restaurant has a special feature: to encourage its customers to eat without checking in advance – exorbitant – prices. In May 2022, two American tourists were trapped, so they had to pay 600 euros for two cocktails and two crab claws…

(Map: Western France)

At first glance, the restaurant DK Oyster, located in the Aegean Sea, on the island of Mykonos (Greece), is similar to any tourist restaurant. Elegant interior, terrace overlooking the sea, which ends with a number of sun loungers on the beach. But beware of naive vacationers who risk stepping there … It may well cost them both hands and feet!

This is the misfortune experienced by two American tourists during a vacation on the island in May 2022. They were first picked up by a “barking” employee who was responsible for selecting passers-by and persuading them to enter the restaurant, a common practice in tourist areas of Greece, as in many other countries. The man promises them access to a deck chair if they have a drink. Two women in temptation.

Photo of a beautiful beach stretching to the terrace of the restaurant DK Oyster, Mykonos (Greece). (Screenshot: Facebook / DK Oyster)

“The menu is me!” »

When they are asked for a menu, the first notification … “The menu is me!” », the server responds to them, according to Greek media θEMA reports a Swiss newspaper Morning Two tourists are strongly recommended to order a meal, as well as two cocktails.

But when it comes time to pay the bill, it’s a cold shower. On the account the price of drinks is 520 euros. Also listed tips, 78 euros. Two women, shocked by the price, initially refuse to pay.

Then comes the restaurant manager. He allegedly threatened the two women, saying, in essence: “I will call the police. They will keep you here and you will not be able to return. It will be easy to find out where you live … “ It is said that American tourists end up paying under duress.

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Adding two tourists. (YouTube / Prototem screenshot)

A restaurant known in this way

This does not seem to be the first time this restaurant has been pressured for abuse. On the TripAdvisor travel tips site, many similar comments join the testimony of two Americans. “Flee! », – writes one of the affected consumers in a message dated about a month, explaining that he had to pay 118 euros for two cocktails with an additional bill. Another explains that he also paid an exaggerated amount by ordering drinks without being able to read the menu in advance.

Even the site was created solely to expose the actions of unscrupulous restaurant owners … There are listed methods of deceiving customers: showing prices per 100 grams, not per kilogram, as is customary in Greece, a menu without prices. , intimidation after showing the bill…

According to the creators of this site, very upset against DK Oyster, the institution will also reuse the phones of its customers to get good ratings on TripAdvisor when they connect via Wi-Fi.

The case is being investigated by the Greek Ministry of Tourism

The plight of two American tourists may still be good, as the Greek Ministry of Tourism conducted an audit on June 3, according to a new article in the media. θEMA.

Two owners of the restaurant were fined and assured that the company will be constantly inspected throughout the tourist season.

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