Four cheetahs arrived this year in the Parc de l’Auxois, not far from Yonne

It’s 10 a.m., and the young cheetahs at the foot of the Parc de l’Auxois are making a vocalization that is so special to them. These four young males are the main novelty of the year in the zoo.

“Not all animals are taken from the wild. Cheetahs are part of a European breeding program,” explains Geoffrey Delahaye, the park’s animal manager. “The coordinator of this program is in the Netherlands, he has a family tree of all individuals in Europe and distributes them to avoid inbreeding.”

Spread to avoid inbreeding

These four young cheetahs arrived last January. Two one-year-old brothers, Zair and Zavady, are from the Czech Republic. 3-year-old Kenai is from the Netherlands, and 5-year-old Ross is from Switzerland. “There is currently a surplus of males in the captive breeding program in Europe,” says Geoffrey Delahaye. Therefore, it is not the park that chooses people, but the European Nature Protection Program, and they can move according to the needs of this program.

“The animals do not belong to us, they belong to the European conservation program.”

Geoffrey Delae (Animal Manager at Auxois Park)

The Parc de l’Auxois is also the youngest to integrate this program this year, and had to pass a check on its facilities and skills to welcome cheetahs. The practicality of buildings, shaded areas, places to run, holding areas so that animals can hide from the public eye…

“This is an unusual feline, more fragile and sensitive than others,” continues Geoffrey Delahaye. If for tigers or lions the park team conducts coproscopy (fee analysis) once a year, then for cheetahs every two to three months. “It’s the biggest cat that purrs,” smiles Geoffrey Delahaye. “Other big cats lack the characteristics that allow them to purr.”

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The four newbies at Parc de l’Auxois have 6,000 m² of enclosures and after a few weeks of adaptation to each other have established their social relationships and are now getting along with each other. New revenue that also allows the park to fulfill its educational mission for its visitors.

“People’s primary motivation is recreation, but once we hold them, we take advantage of the opportunity to engage in pedagogy, especially during tea time with the animals.”

Geoffrey Delae

Pedagogy is also around local species

In addition, the second big novelty of the Parc de l’Auxois is the updated educational trail. “To create this trail, we worked with animal trainers from Sury-le-Comtal (Loire). Goal?? Highlight local wildlife and the conservation issues that concern it. The idea is to show visitors what they can easily install at home to make life easier for this fauna: an insect hotel, bat nesting boxes, honey flower plantations, squirrel feeders… “We also have an educational beehive, updates invasive species: catfish, nutria, California crayfish.”

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As for the park season, even if it’s not over yet (it ends in mid-November), Sebastien Mutter, park manager, says it’s good: “We did 26% more than in the best years?; in 2018 we had 118,000 visitors, we think we will do 130,000.” And while some tour providers lack seasonal workers, the park, which expands from 25 employees in the low season to 50 in the summer, has been able to have full staff this summer.

go Auxois Park, Foulon, D 905, Annay-sous-Vitteaux. It works from 10:00 to 19:00. Such :

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