French Gliding Championships: Candidates to compete from 14 to 20 August 2022 in Bain

Thibaut Van Lambard is one of the forty candidates to prepare for the French championship, which will take place from August 14 to 20, 2022, at the Baines (Yvelines) aeronautical center. (©78news)

Every year, French Federation of Gliders organize Championship of France among juniors (18-25 years old). in Baines Aeronautical Center (Yvelines) is selected this year. In France, “160 clubs, many of them too small to organize a championship.

Fifty people are able to organize this event,” he thinks Alban Schnitzler. “We were volunteers. Daniel Vincent Genaud is the head of the organization. He is very dynamic, he continues.

experienced practitioner, instructor and Beynes Aeronautical Center President Alban Schnitzler clarifies: “We haven’t organized a championship since 1998. Then it was a competition for those over 25 years old. »

Six days of competition

“The championship is a speed race around bridges marked by GPS. About forty gliders will compete. They start as soon as the weather conditions are satisfactory, around 11 to 12 o’clock,” explains Alban Schnitzler.

Thibaut Van Lambart participates in the championship

Thibaut van Lambard is one of forty candidates to prepare for the French Championship, which will take place from August 14 to 20 at the Beynes Aviation Center. At the age of 25, the enthusiast is an instructor at the “Yvelin” club.
This will be the second event for the rider, who recently competed in the 8 Days of Fontainebleau, the Ile-de-France championship. And the result is quite encouraging for the pilot who finished 2nd in the standings, “behind someone who is very strong and who has been planning for 40 years”.
If he doesn’t have that many years of practice under his belt, Thibaut Van Lambart started at the age of 14 and has a total of ten years of experience. “My grandfather was an instructor,” he says. It is often a family affair.
Many young enthusiasts often consider a career as an airline pilot. “It’s an option,” says the one who studied to be an engineer.
“I have never played in the French championship. On paper, I should be the most experienced. There will be very strong drivers. But I think I can put on a good performance,” says Thibaut Van Lambart. It is very difficult to make predictions because the weather factor is a variable in the equation.
Yvelinois remains confident. “I think I can finish in the top five,” he said.
The verdict is Saturday, August 20, the day of the award ceremony.

And as a summary: “When everyone is in the air, we open competition. »
There will be a maximum of six days of competition, everything will depend on the weather. The length of the race is also determined by the weather factor, namely from 150 to 500 km. These distances would bring pilots to L’Aigle in the Orne or to Pitivier in the Loire.

“We are limited by airspace,” states Alban Schnitzler.
Return to the center is scheduled for approximately 18:00 to 19:00. Gliders are equipped with flight recorders to transmit information about their location real time. In this way, progress is monitored on the ground on television screens.

40 candidates will apply for the national title. They belong to different clubs in France, some also come from Germany, Belgium or Switzerland. These European competitors will not be able to win the title or be classified, they are out of the competition.

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You need at least two to three years of regular practice to participate in this type of event. You can start flying from the year 14 years oldbut you have to wait 16 years to get your patent.

Before the competition, all candidates will visit weather briefing. “We must become one with nature,” observes Alban Schnitzler.

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