French Youth Championship: Lena Gauthier is the champion

Already interested in golf on television, Lena Gauthier really discovered this during a week’s internship in Correza during the summer holidays: ” i loved it she admits with an incredible hint of an American accent. However, my sister hated it. » On her return to Paris, she joined Paris Country Club, her only club in her entire career, with whom she rose through the ranks until the 2012 Division 1 French Championship title at Chantilly: ” At the end of my first year at PCC, I won a tournament.” she remembers

Lena Gauthier on the drive at the beginning of the pit in Albatross.

controlled Remi portalLena Gauthier competed in the 2008 French Chicks Championship at Aigle: “Despite the huge stress, I qualified well and beat Claudia Chemin in the final, creating a surprise. I was so happy during the award ceremony in front of the big leaderboard that I cried. »

Always qualified for matches, even in odd-numbered years, she repeated her performance in 2010 as the youngest against Aixoise Emily Simmons : ” I was better prepared and therefore more competitive, she clarifies. I did better in qualifying because I competed in several Grands Prix and the Team Championship with PCC. Also, I managed my emotions well. This second victory in the final was a great joy. When I got to the leaderboard, I heard people commenting on the results and saying: Lena wins again. It was a form of recognition.”Before heading to Pole France in September 2012, the Parisian added a third title to her list, the minimum title won at the Albatross, by winning Korali Bretez : ” I knew the Aigle by heart, but the Albatros was more difficult with many tricky holes. So there was more pressure. In addition, I was nervous before the final, because I really wanted this third success to confirm the saying “two without three is never”. It was very different from the first two titles.

In 2014, he entered Northern Illinois University

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in September 2013, Lena Gauthier flew to Illinois in January 2014 to continue her studies at Northern Illinois University, located in Dekalb in the western suburbs of Chicago: ” I loved campus life – she declares. I quickly integrated. The atmosphere in the team was very pleasant. I got along well with the coach. And above all, I played a lot, and that was the most important thing for me. I could choose a university with a higher ranking, but risk not getting into the tournament. I had two wins with the NIU Huskies and the team climbed to #50 nationally. »

After finishing her studies at the end of 2017, the French woman decided to stay in the USA: ” I gave myself a break because I had no intention of going pro, she continues. I could try, but it’s really, really hard to get the right to play in the United States. I wanted to play golf for a passion, not as a job, especially since I hadn’t been arrested in thirteen years! Today I play for fun. I organize charity events that allow me to stay connected. »

After leaving the university, Lena Gauthier quickly realized that she would have more professional opportunities in the United States than in France: ” Also, I really like Chicago. I found a job there. I am a customer relationship manager for a software company. It works very well. Since joining the company, I have been promoted five times. You have to be competitive, always trying to do better, just like in sports. I met my husband at this company in March 2018.” When she returns to France to visit her parents, Lena Krynitskas never forgets to visit the Paris Country Club, his lifelong club and his second family.

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