From La Fuge to Serdon

Half an hour’s drive away you will be greeted by limestones and tortured Haut-Bugey reliefs.

Human presence is invisible in the middle of the forest … The diversity of the natural environment creates a rich biodiversity, recognized by ZNIEFF “Western Massifs du Buje”. You are in the possession of a forest cat, rock birds such as peregrine falcon, stone swallow or common crow, or even the beetle Pterostichus nodicornis, an insect endemic to Bugey! There are many streams, such as Fouge, which jumps into a beautiful 60-meter waterfall, which is valued for its coolness in summer and stalactites from ice in winter. Due to the regular falling of stones, safety instructions are given.

From the car park (341 m above sea level) take a short drive to leave the cluse de Préau, a gorge where the stream breaks between the spectacular cliffs. At the turn to the right of the road, when it rises, we leave it on the track, which begins to descend to the left. Yellow lighthouse is visible. Directly in front of the private property gate, which corresponds to the former Abbey of Epier (altitude: 349 m, 0:10 am), follow the path that goes to the right and crosses the stream, next to which it now passes on the left bank. The atmosphere is magnificent; marking, although always present, sometimes gives way to moss. Covered gates soon materialize the end of the property. The sign warns of falling boulders near the waterfall, so swimming and climbing is prohibited. The trail now winds through narrow wooded and rocky gorges, then deviates from the stream to ascend more openly. At the level of the plain (altitude: 440 m, 0 h 40) the sign materializes the intersection with the trail “Malpas-Set-Serdon”. The waterfall can be reached in 10 minutes. The place becomes more chaotic, and the new sign asks to follow the 20-meter safety perimeter around the waterfall and the pool; frequent rock falls are reported. Caution is required! A blue sign indicates the presence of the remains of a 16th century canal built into the wall. Admiring them, as well as the waterfall (keeping safe distances), go the trail in the opposite direction to return to the car (2 hours)

Access: from Burga take the D979 to the Geyseria. After Bohas turn right onto the D42, then on the Vessignat turn left onto the D81, the intersection of Charinaz-le-Haut and Poncin. Turn left onto D1084 toward Cerdon, and at Pont-de-Préau, turn right onto D11 toward Préau. Cross the hamlet and park in the small middle along the road, shortly after the old factory.

Mother map: Nantua, Hauteville-Lompnes, Nord Bugey, Top 25, n ° 3230 OT (IGN, 1: 25 000).
Websites for consultations: –

Where to eat: La Croisée des terroirs, 01450 Poncin (9th place Xavier Bischa). Such. : 04 74 36 10 07,
Things to see / do in the area: Ain Valley, Makis War Memorial, Serdon Copper Museum (opening scheduled for summer 2022).
Tip: walk only in good weather (rocky and slippery transitions, the flow can become rapid).

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