Fungirl, a disciple of the undertaker who fills life

BD BOX – Elizabeth Peach tells of the adventures of a bulky young woman devoid of any modesty and other pretense. Delicious as a ripe watermelon.

“Without Fungus, I would probably serve a life sentence in a maximum security prison. ” assures Elizabeth Peach, for whom this disrespectful comic serves as an outlet. Published in November 2021 and quickly sold out, the book became available again on May 13 from Les Requins hammers. Opportunity to meet your heroine, who is characterized by total incontinence. The result: she drives her roommate crazy, her roommate’s boyfriend and her boss, the funeral home owner. To our delight.

It takes some time to tune her mind to the same frequency as Fungirl, whose spontaneity may be alarming at first. This is, for example, a person who tries to demand a donut from a trader with the help of: “I want it! In my mouth! I’m a poor little scoundrel!” (spoiler: works). His excuse for not working? “I’m writing a play about a crab who dreams of becoming a world poker champion. But because of his claws he tears cards, so he always gets knocked out. This is an absolute tragedy. “ And during the day dedicated to the presentation of her work to children, she brings the corpse of “Roger’s rodent”, which offers to dress and make up. yum

Why mouths Mycelium aren’t they drawn? “I can’t answer that question. I’m sure there’s a Freudian psychoanalyst who’s ready to try. ” says the author. Elizabeth Peach / Hammerhead Sharks

“Fungirl is a bit like me, but also the complete opposite. I don’t know what it’s made of, admits Elizabeth Peach. It was so bright when it came to my mind that I still can’t understand all its layers. ” Let’s just say that this character embodies a form of extraordinary authenticity, complete self-acceptance, despite the norms imposed by society. “Fungirl is my personal savior. She fails so beautifully and sins so innocently, praises his mother. And every time she survives and resurrects. She is a source of comfort to me, and I hope she is to others as well.

Will the culture of “boss girls” kill the planet takeaway latte? Does Peter disqualify his lack of cunnilingus skills for future matriarchy? Will Fungirl bring us peace with its depraved charm?

Elizabeth Peach

If this is obviously the star of the book, then Fungirl is often accompanied by Becky and Peter, whose relationship mischievously – and relevantly – calls into question the balance of the couple. “They are dealing with the difficulties of postfeminism and intersectionality, while Fungirl seems to be hovering over everything like a feather in the wind, which, of course, has a way of angering Peter to the fullest. analyzes the author. Peter advocates altruistic self-sacrifice. Becky is more pragmatic, she wants to flourish. And Fungirl just wants a donut. “ And add: “My goal is not to answer all the main sociological questions, but rather to illustrate the absurdity of this new order. Or girls’ culture Are you going to kill the planet with a takeaway latte? Does Peter disqualify his lack of cunnilingus skills for future matriarchy? Will Fungirl bring us peace with its depraved charm? ”

Peter was saved by Hrybnytsia, who had just defeated her rivals with the help of a menstrual cup. Elizabeth Peach / Hammerhead Sharks

Before Fungus, Elizabeth Peach made a name for herself with the help of the ribbon War and peas , has been produced since 2011 with his partner Jonathan Kunz and is filled with a comic gallery of characters including the Whore Witch (“Wild Witch”), Grim Reaper (“Reaper”) and Officer McSexy. Exclusively for Le Figaro, American-German artist reveals the origins of her inspiration: “I can’t reveal our secret sauce, but I can tell you this: some time ago we started programming a very powerful AI that was perfectly honed to create humorous four-panel comics.”

Author of comics with artificial intelligence? It is plausible to know that Elizabeth Peach studied computer science at university, which brought her “a sense of order in a chaotic world is essential. ” Born in 1989, the designer grew up in the United States, particularly in California, and then moved to Germany at the age of 14. Here is what she remembers from her experience across the Atlantic: “Slurpees at 7-Eleven * before school, birthdays at McDonald’s and go-karting through the dust of Death Valley.”

A formidable nod Calvin and Hobbes Bill Watterson. Elizabeth Peach / Hammerhead Sharks

To find out about his childhood favorite things, just flip through Mycelium which directly from the cover reflects the nod peanuts (Snoopy). Throughout the comic, the author turns away his favorite works as transitions between sections: Kelvin and Hobbes, The Simpsons, Wayne’s World, as well as paintings by Dali, Botticelli and Archimboldo. She is also full of praise from Amy Poller, Liv Stromqvist and Alison Bechdel (“I hid his book in my book to honor him; whoever finds it will win a bottle of home-smuggled alcohol. “).

To look forward to Elizabeth Peach’s next book, feel free to follow her adventures on the Internet, which do not end. “I will die with my sketchbook in my hand. And after that, my digital consciousness will continue to publish from the cloud until the end of eternity. A promise or a threat?

* Types of slashes that can be drunk from straws sold in stores.

Comic box

The Fungirl Adventure

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This short story on four plates illustrates the madness of the Fungus quite well, but it can be published in Le Figaro (which for some may not be the case). The heroine, who looks pregnant, gets on the bus and causes a surge of sympathy and solidarity … before the tragedy. “It came to me as the periodic table of elements came to Mendeleev: in a feverish, sweaty dream,” Says Elizabeth Peach.

“The most useful scenes are those where you can combine visual comedy with dialogue humor. I think it works well here, respect the artist I appreciate the creeping feeling of anxiety and restlessness among the passengers. At first they are delighted, and then they become more and more uncomfortable, as Hrybnytsia continues to speak. At the same time, you have this sacred archetype: mother, pregnant woman, she is sacred, she needs protection. No one can imagine a pregnant woman being a serial killer. “

If someone had explained to me my pregnancy when I was a child, I would have thought it was a horror story. What a strange joke of nature

Elizabeth Peach

Going down in horror is not completely free: “If someone had explained to me my pregnancy when I was a child, I would have thought it was a horror story. What a strange joke of nature. “ notes a designer whose taste for “Friction of opposites”, here is comedy and horror, no doubt.

“This story gives me hope, sums up Elizabeth Peach. It shows the world I would like to live in: a boy giving way to a pregnant woman, a man using a reusable cup of coffee for his morning cappuccino, a bus driver braking to make a cat jump out of the way. ” This is a good way to look at things.

Fungus, Elizabeth Peach, translated by Stefan Corcoral, Les Requins Hammers, 260 pages, 30 euros.


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