Grand opening of the Aesthetic Center 46. 6th re-equipped –

Established in 2020, the Aesthetic and Medical Center, le 46, tends to become a benchmark of well-being and beauty. The institution is based on the experience of three qualified surgeons.

An exceptional place, built about 250 m2on the ground floor… 46, cours Franklin Roosevelt, at 6edistrict, where four surgeons and an esthetician are already performing, accompanied by their assistants. And if the charm of the center is expressed in part by the layout of the decorator, Alexandra Hilvert, its attractiveness is explained, first of all, by numerous procedures which are offered to our clients, from laser to injections, by means of hydration or peeling. Ideal to satisfy everyone’s desires and leave it to everyone who wants to define their own vision of beauty.

46, Franklin Roosevelt Course – Lyon 6e – Such. 04 78 24 47 68

Opening of the Center 46
Thursday, June 2, 2022

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